Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Butterfly Home...

My wonderful son Jade 
has many cognitive learning challenges in life,
especially with reading, writing, math, money and coordination.
(here for his story)

However, he is SO smart in many, many areas of life,
especially with really being able to "read" people.

He is so in tune to people and life
 and most of the time he is right on the money
with his perception of others. It truly is a GIFT that he has!
People are always amazed with this strength of his!

As I was going through papers and pictures for Jade's graduation party,
 I came across this poem that he wrote for his 11th grade English class. 
It was about our home and as Tracy and I read through it,
we both commented that Jade couldn't have described our home more perfectly!

Grateful for the opportunity to be the mom
 to such an amazing, talented and creative young man, who truly "gets" life!
 Our home is a symbol of butterflies and freedom.
 We are free spirits and we love life...
 and we are open-minded people in life.
We spend our lives 
spreading our wings out of a cage!
Jade Smith 2011

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