Saturday, July 27, 2013

Current faces of the Tolman Family...

This photo makes me sad...
It was taken November 2002. 

Little did we know when this photo was taken
that it would be the last photo taken with my sweet sister Kandee.  

She struggled with depression and was bi-polar, however she hid it well because we were all not aware how greatly she struggled with it, until we heard the devastating news that she had taken her own life.

She loved life...
she loved and adored all babies and kids!
There is still a big void in my life even after 10 years. 

I miss her.
I miss her smile, 
her wit and sense of humor 
and her contagious laugh!
...but, I digress.

After 11 years
we finally were able to get everyone together for a current family photo.

Here are photos from the day. It ended up pouring rain the morning of photos, so instead of doing them outdoors in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, we ended up taking them at the State Capitol.
I couldn't help but be mesmerized and intrigued with the beautiful architecture of the building.

Here are some of my favorites of the building:  
 (all building photos courtesy of my iPhone)
Future Scientist and Doctor... 
Ethan Kip
 I love this little girl...

And now to the family...
My wonderful parents Kathy and Scott Tolman
They just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on June 10th.

 Married siblings...
Top left:  Tracy and Kimmie Smith
Top Right: Heidi and Rob Christensen
Bottom left: Jacob and Mandi Tolman
Bottom Right: Thomas and Janna Tolman
 Uncle Weston
Paris and Sienna just LOVE and adore him!  

 The Smith Family...
Tracy, Kimmie, Jade and Ethan

The Christensen Family...
 Rob, Heidi, Paris, Sienna,Tristan and Darius 

It just doesn't get any cuter than this! 

The Tolman Family...
Jacob, Mandi, Harrison, Ava and Olivia 
 The Tolman Family...
Thomas, Janna, Nicholas, Karissa, Isaac and Mason

All of us...
(the best photo of everyone)
and the grand kids!
(this was with my iPhone)

(and afterwards...)
 I sure do love my brother...
Sad to say good-bye!  
LOVE the feet of my favorite people!   
The most giant and awesome Ferris Wheel inside.
Ava, Ethan and Jade had a ball going on it again and again! 
 Adorable Ava and her "headache" face!  

 Ethan being dramatic... 
just like his daddy-O!
A gorgeous rainbow on our drive home... 
Loved this sight I saw out my car window...
 it made me happy, as it's a very familiar sight
 that I've seen 100's of times on our drives to and from Utah.
Perfect and wonderful day, 
with memories and photos to last a lifetime! 

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