Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter Beauty...

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."

It's been such a beautiful winter wonderland
 this Christmas season.
Here are some of my favorite snow and frost photos that I've captured with my camera.
(First off, we see lots of unique things living out in the country.
Yes, this is a photo of 100's of sheep being herded down the main road.) 
 Two Bald Eagles we spotted on one of our trips to town.
 The view out our bedroom window...

There is so much amazing beauty
 to be seen each and every day of life!

Looking forward to another few months of enjoying more of this amazing winter wonderland where we live!

Our month of December...

It's the most wonderful time...
of the year!

I guess before it gets any more into January I'd better get our December blogged about.
While I'm a perfectionist and like things to be done PERFECT and to a certain level, this post will be anything but that.
Mostly just an overload of photos from our month (without much text), so I can at least have the memories preserved.  Sometimes, just getting something done on a less than perfect level, is better than NOT having it done at all! 

OUR Tree...
Christmas Wonder...

Putting on the star...

The outside lights... 

Our holiday cards this year...

Delicious freshly caught trout
 that our good friends shared with us!
I could eat fresh fish every day and never tire of it!
SO excited that our favorite 
Gingerbread boy cookies are in the stores to buy!
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them!

While it was a hectic month, I never miss an opportunity to enjoy our tradition of enjoying Chili and Cinnamon Rolls with my Ethan.

PIANO recital for Ethan!
(his sweet profile just makes me smile every time!)

The gorgeous view I got enjoy while I recovered from surgery!

Such a fun day!

These two boys are such great friends!

NATIVITY production that our local friends put on for our community...
Such a sweet night!

Silent Night...
Holy Night...

Santa Came to the Smith House...
Best dad EVER!!!

 (Tracy's thoughts on Christmas that he posted on Facebook) 
My 11 year old son, Ethan, spent close to 13 hours recording his voice reading the ENTIRE first book in the Hunger Games series since he kept asking me to read it and I never seem to take the time. He was hoping now I could listen to his custom audio book (made with love by him), while I commute to work. I also got a couple flannel shirts to go with my really ugly beard... although they aren't Pendelton's, they are very nice. My sweetheart got me some neat backpacking odds and ends and a Maxpedition Fatty. It's a really cool organizer for my daily carry things. I've always been a "be prepared", Boy Scout, kinda guy. I'm really excited to get it all loaded-up with stuff I've been carrying loose in my man-purse. Also, each gift I opened from Kimberly, included a little love-note with something clever about the gift I was about to open. She is always so thoughtful in her gift giving. I did a super-naughty thing and bought both Kimberly and I, new motorcycle helmets but I'm not calling those Christmas gifts since we were really attempting to simplify Christmas this year, haha!

I LOVE our REAL tree!

The Smith Family siblings, 
spouses and other fun photos...
Travis, Tracy, Lisa, Shelley
Tom, Lisa, Kimmie, Tracy, Cheryl, Travis, Shelley, Joel
10 second hugs make life better!
Cheryl and Isaac...
Proud Grandpa Tom with cute little Macie
December 2013 was 
magical, beautiful...
abundant in family, memories and love!