Monday, December 2, 2013

The curve balls of life...

Life has felt like a blur lately...
so many things to do, 
obligations to fulfill,
people to please!

As if the normal life wasn't 
enough to keep you busy,
 you get a fun curve ball thrown at you! 
That would totally be my life right now!

Oh how I LOVED you!

I loved dancing and moving and burning calories in such a fun way that didn't feel like exercise at all!
I guess my poor knee can't handle all of the quick movements!
I guess I'm doomed to not be able to enjoy dancing to the fullest!
(I had knee surgery in High School from an injury I got while on the drill team and had to give up dancing my Senior year).

I've had a Baker's Cyst on the back of my knee
 for the past year or so. 
 It's ugly, but it hasn't caused me any trouble at all. 

However, the first week of August, I went to Zumba and while doing the most FUN dance to "Jai Ho" that I have ever done, 
my knee starting bothering me a bit.
The next week we went on our yearly backpacking trip 
and I survived without too much pain on the trip, 
but, a few days after we got home, it started bothering me again. I dealt with the pain and irritation and in about 2-3 weeks it finally seemed better.

The end of August, I started up teaching PE again and my knee seemed okay for the first 5 weeks of class.
I ran, skipped, jumped rope, the whole nine yards!
I even ran stairs on the beach when we went on our California Trip!
BUT, one fine day in October while doing Jumping Jacks, something gave way and I was in excruciating pain and my knee swelled up SO bad. 
I knew that I wasn't going to be able to get better unless I went to the doctor.

I called and made an appt., 
and of course, it would take a week to get in.

I have the sweetest hubby in the world that took me on several dates to Heise Hot Springs to give my knee some therapy during that week of waiting.
This was the sunset we enjoyed on one of those nights of soaking.

I was finally able to get in to see my doctor, 
they did an X-Ray on my knee and they didn't see anything wrong with it and they drew off 25 cc of fluid from the Baker's Cyst. 
 No wonder why I was in such discomfort! 

 The doctor thought that draining the cyst
 should be the end of my problem.  
It was awesome to be able to run again without pain!  
I was in heaven.

However, 4 days later, my cyst filled with fluid again
and we realized that there was a worse underlying problem that would need to be seen using an MRI.

Sure enough the MRI showed a torn meniscus, 
and quite a bit of arthritis.  

SO, I'm scheduled for knee surgery on Friday, December 13th to fix my meniscus and drain my cyst again!
(they won't be able to do anything about the arthritis)

I'm excited to finally have my knee back so I can be active and able to confidently do all of the things that I love doing SO much! 
Can't wait to enjoy a winter of cross-country skiing with my family! 

SO, because my month of December is filled to the rim with normal holiday activities, planning a Pack Night, working on my Wood Badge projects, perfecting "Silent Night" for a duet I have play for the Christmas recital, school projects  and now adding surgery into the mix,our friends and neighbors got their goodie bags from us for Thanksgiving rather than Christmas! 
As I reflect on my wonderful life, I can't help but focus on the good and positive things I have in abundance...

The most AWESOME and supportive husband and kids!!
A healthy family!
A body that works perfectly, even with a less than perfect knee!
A home full of LOVE where we get told DAILY how much we're loved and appreciated!  

Nourishing and delicious food to eat, 
clean water to drink,
clean water to wash and bathe with,
WARM and toasty house,
wonderful and thoughtful family and friends!

Life is wonderful, 
even when it throws you 
some curve balls now and again!
The most important thing,

 is focusing on all of the GOOD you have,
which far outweighs the bad!  


Alene said...

I wished I'd have read this before I saw the picture of you in the hospital bed. I was so worried about you!
I hope you are healing well and being taken good care of by your hunky male nurse!
Thank you for the cute Christmas Card! I hope to be able to meet you in person sometime soon.
Hugs to all of you and Merry Christmas.

Connie said...

Gah! Kimmie! Now I know what happened to your knee! Oh, I can't imagine the pain you must have been in! And still you look at the good in life! You're an inspiration. I hope you're getting back to normal and feeling good.