Monday, December 23, 2013

Surgery in December

This bearded man is truly the 
most sweet, kind-hearted, caring and giving man that I know!

This past week was probably near the top of his most stressful weeks thus far. Not only did he have to assume his normal responsibilities, (which were crazier than normal, due to snow days and power outages), but, had to don the hat of mom, chauffeur, nurse and cook when I had my knee surgery all while dealing with a scout campout, work stress, a bad, deep cough, etc... He came through with everything in flying colors!

He treats me like a queen, in every sense of the word and last night as we snuggled on the couch with the kids and watched "It's A Wonderful Life", I got teary-eyed thinking of how my sweet Tracy is SO much like George Bailey... Always doing for others and sometimes putting his own life goals on the back burner because he's such a great family man (and maybe even losing it from time to time). 

I don't know a sweeter man in this world and I just LOVE and adore him more than anything, or anyone! I just feel SO grateful that I'm the lucky one that gets to have this guy by my side in this wonderful journey of life! I'm so happy to be feeling much better so I can be by your side once again, helping out and enjoying life together to the fullest Mr. Smith!!

Friday, December 13th, 2013 at 8:15 am
Kimmie had knee surgery to repair
 a torn meniscus and to drain a Baker's Cyst.
Surgery went well, however, I'm what they call a "light-weighter" and it took me close to 5 hours to be able to wake up enough to be able to go home.
Tracy made the following comment about this photo:  
"She won't wake up, I wonder if they'll haul her to the Jefferson Institute". 
(referencing the movie "Coma")

I was pretty out of it for the first 2 days.
I think the anesthesia stayed in my body much longer than it does for most people.
We had SO many wonderful people bring in meals to us and check in on us. I felt kind of guilty, but, it was SO nice for Tracy and the boys to not have to deal with fixing dinner for a few nights.
We are truly blessed beyond measure!
Monday December 16th...
Checking out my knee for the first time...
 I made it through the most stressful week of my life 
AFTER my knee surgery.
I had to do a Pack Night for my Cub Scouts 
and sit in on my last 2 PE classes before Christmas Break.
However, after I got those behind me, I was able to take it easy and relax and let my body heal.
(AND I also made thank you notes and treats to 
deliver to all of the people that showed kindness to us during this trying time)
Monday December 23rd...
We met with the doctor to see how I was healing.
He told us that the anterior lateral horn of meniscus had a severe tear, requiring removal of 80% of the thickness. Medial side was 30%.
I also have stage 3 arthritis in my knee.  
(they rate it 1-4), 
so most definitely in the next 10-15 years I'll be needing to have a knee replacement. 
AND, my Baker's Cyst has returned.
However, we're hoping that with a few months of NSAID's 
(non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
 the swelling will go down.  
We'll see how things are when I see my doctor again on January 21st. We're most definitely hoping for the best! 
Life is good.
I'm healing.
I've been given the go-ahead to Cross Country ski, which makes me want to jump up for JOY!

However, all high-impact exercises are out of the picture for participation (like running, Zumba, down hill skiing, etc...)
I can however, show my PE kids
 jumping jacks and how to "Skip rope", as long as I do it in moderation.

So very grateful for my wonderful husband who has been such a ROCK and pillar of strength to me through all of this!
I can truly say that I'm the luckiest girl on planet earth!

Love and adore him...
and I LOVE his winter beard!

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