Friday, December 27, 2013

The newest member of our family!

We have a new member of our family!
Well it's not really a person, rather an adventure motorcycle, but it sure has added a new element of FUN to our lives!

You might be asking yourself, how does a frugal family who drives older cars, whose only debt is just a few years left on their mortgage, come to the conclusion of buying a luxury item like a motorcycle.

It's simple... Gold Coins!
We purchased 33 10th ounce gold eagle coins for $1,000 back when it was the Y2K scare.
They've just been locked away in a safe for the past 14 years and they probably would have stayed in that same place until the day we died!
However, Tracy has had this urgent feeling that we really need to start LIVING life to the fullest!

Life's too short to waste it away sitting on a couch watching movies, or surfing the web!

We love, Love, LOVE backpacking,
however, with our busy lives, and, the fact that we live over an hour away from the mountains and we only have about 2-3 months of the year where we can safely backpack we have been contemplating for awhile, how much more adventuring and LIVING life we could do
AND seeing and exploring more sights if we had a motorcycle.

So, when Tracy found a great deal on one
 (a 2008 Suzuki V-Strom Adventure motorbike) 
we decided to jump on it.
We turned 30 
of our 33 gold coins...
into cash!
And the amazing thing is that we kept 3 coins, which, at this point in time, are worth about $600.  

Not too shabby!

September 15, 2013
I got to go on a ROAD TRIP 
with the love of my life to Utah...

The sweet owners of the bike showing Tracy all of the features and how it was in such great condition!
Loading the bike up...
These guys are just AWESOME!
"The Batsons"!

(I can't believe how tall Mr. Batson is!)
The wife was SO excited that their bike was going 
to a cute couple that would give it LOTS of TLC 
and take it on many adventures! 
She insisted that she take our photo!
Tracy is SO excited, he can't keep from looking in the rear view mirror and smiling at our new purchase the whole drive home.
Stopped at In-N-Out burger 
for lunch on our drive home.
LOVE technology...
Ethan was struggling with a math problem and texted Tracy and he was able to help him in getting the problem solved while we ate lunch.
Filling up with gas...
What a happy sight that is being pulled behind our CR-V!
The drive home...
Spectacular sunset!
The headlights look like BAT eyes...
We bought a "Bat-bike" from the "Batsons"!
Tracy awoke the next morning and had to start it up...
I wish I could have captured 
his excitement on video...
I LOVE seeing him so excited!

And this sweet note was posted 
on my Facebook wall the next morning!

Life is SO good!
So happy to have a vehicle that can get us out enjoying life more...
creating memories, seeing new things and having lots of "one-on-one" time together!

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