Monday, December 9, 2013

The perfect "Black Friday" weekend...

"Black Friday?  
with a PERFECT Thanksgiving Day behind us, 
we're looking forward to Badass Friday in the Smith home!"
~~Tracy Smith

Black Friday was gorgeous!
As we looked at the five-day forecast, 
we realized that we only had 2 more days of good weather, 
before a winter storm rolled in!
We decided we wanted to enjoy our V-Strom as much as we could, before it would have to be cooped up in the garage for the winter!

Mr. Smith took us all on a motorbike ride! 
It was the perfect way to spend the day after Thanksgiving!
No consumerism and excess spending for this family!  
Ethan went first...
He had the TIME of his life!!

Jade decided he didn't want to go out today,
 so, next it was my turn...
We enjoyed some riding and then stopped 
and enjoyed some cocoa and Holiday Pie at McDonald's.
Here I am, 
checking in with the kids
 and talking to Ethan on the phone!
 Gorgeous fall weather...
Gorgeous sunset...
The perfect ending to Black Friday 2013!  
(Menan Butte in the background)

November 30th...
We awoke and enjoyed a yummy breakfast and then got on our hiking clothes, filled our backpacks with some snacks and water and decided to head to the Menan Butte and enjoy one last hike of the year!  
The weather couldn't have been more perfect...
blue sky and sunshine and a gorgeous view when we got to the top!
 The scenery up here felt like we were 
in Southern, Utah, not, Rexburg, Idaho

Ethan scrambled to the top of anything he could climb today!
What a FUN place for kids to explore!

 Tracy is boiling water for TEA!
Felt SO good to warm up... 
 Leftover Thanksgiving Pie 
never tasted so good! 
 Tracy's such a patient and awesome dad...
Here he is trying to point out some places in Rexburg, to Ethan.
 My three favorite guys!
(I love your beard SO much Tracy!)
Such a gorgeous view!
I can't believe this is where we live!
 One last view before 
we start heading back to the car..
 And of course, Ethan climbed yet, another large rock formation! 
Perfect, Perfect day of hiking together!
 We got home from our hike just in time to shower up 
and make it to an Eagle Court of Honor for one of Tracy's great Scouts! 
Sunday, the snow came down!
We reflected on three wonderful days, 
where we EMBRACED adventure...
where we bundled up and enjoyed 
some motor bike rides and a wonderful hike!
Where we added more wonderful memories and adventures to our life instead of excess clutter from shopping!
It was a perfect 5 days together as a family!

We enjoyed our Sunday afternoon with one of our favorites, that of soaking in the HOT water at Heise Hot springs and then we enjoyed yummy, delicious pizza afterwards!

Happy, wonderful and adventurous life!
Now we have SNOWY cross- country skiing adventures to look forward to!

(However, I can't wait until the roads are clear once again and we're suiting up and going out on the V-strom motorbike again. 
I LOVE IT it so much!!)

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Connie said...

Your family is a great example of doing things together and having fun! I guess a family who bikes together and hikes together, stay together. I have been thinnking about you and your knee surgery. Is this something that you scheduled because of a previous injury, or did something happen that caused an emergency surgery? I'm a bit out of the loop. I hope you're recovering well.
Love you!