Thursday, August 9, 2012

Snowy adventure in August!

There's little we look forward to more than heading out on backpacking trips to the high country!

When we went in August of 2011,
we encountered a lot more snow than usual, due to large amount of snow pack there had been the previous winter.
 It definitely added to the adventure!  
In Alaska Basin it seemed there was more snow than dry ground!
Many times we didn't even had a trail to follow.   
We're talking AUGUST!
It was really interesting trying to find a spot to pitch our tents, but we did manage to find large slabs of granite to put up our tents and keep dry.  

Here are photos from Alaska Basin 2011....
truly An Adventure like no other!!!    
And we're off!  
Jade was really excited 
about his new Merrill hiking shoes!
And up we go!
Snack break...
The handsome face 
of my favorite person!
Devil's Staircase...
here we come!
Made it to the top!
Happy to have Lisa 
on the hike this year!
Watermelon snow...
Normally there's not any snow up on the upper Teton Canyon Shelf... where's the trail?
And off we go again,
with snow in the distance and always 
snow on one side of us!
My trekking poles got stuck in the snow 
and when I pulled them out, 
I noticed plants sprouting through the snow!
Tracy getting snacks and contemplating what lies ahead with getting down off the shelf and finding a safe passage down into Alaska Basin!
No trail at all...
we just had to walk across the snow and hope we connected up with it before we headed down Sheep Steps!
Pretty ominous!
Still LOTS of snow!
And more snow!!
More watermelon snow!
Crossing the stream.
Hope this snow bridge doesn't cave-in as we leap across!
Lisa is very apprehensive, 
because all you can see is snow that is melting! 
No grass, wondering where are we going to pitch our tents!
It was 
stunningly beautiful!
Snarr family setting up camp!
Getting our camp set up, I don't think tent pegs will be much use to us!
Kimmie is happy with her view!!
(look at that large rock that our tent is tied too...coolness!)
Getting water 
so we can make dinner!
Brushing teeth...
Pretty flowers by the stream!

Getting down our bear bags... 
Making ZOOM cereal for breakfast!
LOVE this photo!!  
It truly captures the moment so well!

Off on a little exploration hike...
We pretty much skied down this hill!
A gorgeous view 
of Buck Mountain!
Ramen Noodles are always a big hit with the Snarr boys!
This photo makes me happy!!
Filling up water!
Headed up to Sunset Lake...

Beautiful Alaska Basin...
covered with a blanket of snow!

Battleship Mountain and Sunset Lake...
still LOTS of snow, so after snapping a few photos we decided to head back down to camp!
The "W" Rock!
A cute little patch of flowers...
Relaxing and enjoying some SUN!
Hanging out in our shelter, 
enjoying a game of Egyptian Rat Slap!
SO happy to be here!
I can't think of a more 
beautiful spot to enjoy dinner!!
Amazed at the beauty 
and even more amazed that the lake 
is still covered in ice and snow
 in AUGUST!!
I think this is my favorite photo of all...
love the colors, rocks and scenery and I especially love the reflection of Ethan in the water!
Reflection of Tracy and Kimmie!
Getting ready for bed...
(love the crescent shaped moon in the sky!)
Enjoying our last sunset 
in Alaska Basin!
The Lake is frozen over 
when I wake up in the morning... pretty impressive for an August morning!
One last photo...
AND we're heading out...
Couldn't resist 
taking one more photo of this beauty!
Crossing the stream...
Heading down...
Here's the spot where we should have gone to the right, but instead we went to the left...
We're LOST...
no trail in sight,
 just LOTS of snow, rocks and trees!!!
 Tracy went ahead and scouted out a probable route to get back to the main trail.  He came back and assured us that it 
won't be long until we get back to the trail.  It will require a swift river crossing and a moderate scramble up and over some steep rock!

 Climbing up 
one steep and giant rock... carefully backing down at the bottom!
 Jade is a little stressed!
 Happiest moment of the day!!
 Thanks to this awesome guy, 
that knows how to read a map and forge ahead, we got back to the trail so we wouldn't have to bush-wack the entire way down the canyon!
We made it...
I LOVE this photo so much and I had another WONDERFUL backpacking experience with my family!
While it didn't turn out the way we had planned
(we didn't climb up Hurricane Pass due to all of the snow), 
it was a unique experience and the snow really added to the beauty!