Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our week in photos...

March 24th to 30th

A change in hair color,
Chocolate dipped peanut butter eggs,
fun with bubbles,
washing winter grime off the cars
amazing sunsets
AND the first track meet of the year!!   

Here is our week in photos...
 We volunteered at the Jones House at Harriman Park!
(here to see photos and read about our adventure!)

Had  lunch with Tracy by the river...
loved our view!!

Bye-Bye yellow haired girl....
 I was NOT happy at all with the way my hairdresser colored my hair last week...
it was totally yellow and NOT what I paid for!
 She had an opening this morning to color it.   
I decided to gamble with going too dark...
LOVE the way it turned out!!

It's Easter Week....
and you know what that means?  
Homemade Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Eggs!
(here for the recipe!)

Washed the WINTER Grime 
off of all three of our cars!! 

 Sign of Spring and WARM weather....
Lots of kid riding bikes to school!
Beautiful sunset at the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls...

Bubble fun with the kids at lunch recess!

First Track Meet of the Season...
Oh how I love my son Jade!

Standing at the chain link fence, 
watching my Jade run by!!

SO... Proud... Of... Him!!
Gorgeous Sunset Tracy and I enjoyed 
as we headed in to town to get Pizza!  

Shae and Max...
enjoying a fun morning at the annual Smith Easter Egg Hunt!
(here to see photos and read about this fun event)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another wonderful day at Harriman Park!

Winter and Snow, 

oh how I love you! 

I'm so grateful for the epiphany that we have had this winter of trying cross-country skiing and falling in love with it. 
There hasn't been a week in the past 2 months that we haven't gone at least once a week on our skis.  Whether it be that Tracy took a day off work and he and I went on a midweek date, OR, we went out on the weekend. 

It's my new love 
and I now shout HOORAY 
every time it snows!

At Harriman State Park,
 they have warming huts that are manned by volunteers on the weekends and they had someone cancel for manning the Jone's House on March 24th and so we decided it would be nice to "give back" and take our turn with volunteering. 

It was a beautiful day...
sparkly SNOW the whole ski into the Jones House.
Electric Blue Sky, bright white snow.
It couldn't have been more perfect!
We spent the day relaxing, tending the fire, talking to the people that came inside to warm up and having a great time just the four of us after a long week of school and work!   

Here are some photos 
from our wonderful day!

I love when it's SO cold that the snow is sparkly 
and you can see individual snow flakes!!

Look at that beautiful swan!
LOVED that the table was covered in snow 
and that the way the bars on the bottom were, 
it looked like a HEART!
Oh the things you see 
when you pause and take time to notice!
Nice and cozy fire to keep us warm!  
Just chillin' and enjoying some relaxing time...
Love this old cabin...
some of my favorite parts of the decor, 
including a retro lamp AND retro kitchen!
While the kids were watching 
"Bill Nye the Science Guy", 
Tracy and I decided to go enjoy the beauty outside
 This is our reflection in the outside windows on the back of the Jones House.
Love ...
This is how you "Sunbathe" in Idaho...
you bundle up, lay on the hard snow and you enjoy the nice warm sun on your face!
It's actually awesome!
Enjoying the amazing and gorgeous view! 
Awesome icicle...

I Spy Kimmie...
More icicles...
And Tracy is off to go and find our boys, 
while I head back to the main office to turn in the key

The bright blue colors almost didn't look real!  
Spring is here...
the snow is melting and has exposed the wood of the foot bridge.
I spy... 
a HEART shape in the melted snow! 
I left a piece of my heart 
at Harriman State Park...

Yes, call me crazy, 
but even with the nice Spring weather that we have been having,
I still have a little bit of longing in my heart
each and every day 
to be back in the snow skiing on the skinny skis
and enjoying the beauty of winter wonderland!

Looking forward to NEXT winter season!!