Monday, April 1, 2013

What a perfect Easter Weekend!

 Easter Weekend 2013...
I can't think of anything that could have made it any better.

Saturday was filled with abundance of SUNSHINE and warmth, of flowers,
...yummy brunch,
...adorable kids,
...lots of treats
...and wonderful memories!!   

(our day in photos)

What a perfect 
Easter Sunday afternoon...
...Delicious picnic lunch,
...Relaxing and FUN in the SUN,
...Bright colored shirts with great big smiles!
...Wearing sandals and flip flops because it was 56 degrees!

...Our day was even complete 
with the cutest little bunny 
that came hopping by while we were
laying on the grass enjoying the sunshine .
My boys kept sneaking through the trees
hoping they would catch it, but, it was just too quick.
It was one of those perfect days 
where you're sad it has to come to an end...
 I love, Love, LOVE 
 time spent together 
with my three favorite people!

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Alene said...

I'll tell what I love, taking peek into your wonderfully fully and fulfilled life! How wonderful to see your new Blog posts!