Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's the most wonderful day... Of the week!!

Friday April 26th...
I sent Mr. Smith out the door with a big hug and kiss and proceeded to try and spend a few hours trying to at least get the dishes done up from our super busy week we had experienced thus far.
I was in an extra happy mood 
as I was listening to some very FUN music while I was cleaning.  

In fact, I wrote the following message to Tracy... 
"Tracy... I love how much fun you bring to our house when you come home from work, especially, when it's been a long and stressful day and you come in the door and hook up your iPhone to our stereo and start playing FUN music that you purchased that day and you get us all excited! I LOVE this song "The Great Commandment" by Camouflage that you downloaded yesterday... it's playing loudly as I'm trying to get us out of a mess from our whirlwind of a week we've had thus far!! Kisses! Looking forward to D8NITE!"

Well do you want to know how he responded...
"Glad you like the song. Camouflage takes us back... 
Can't wait for D8NITE. We should go somewhere different tonight. 
 Snakebite maybe?"
(I SPY... a blooming Geranium 
along with a handsome face when I stopped by my hubby's office today! 
Amazing how a little splash of color and lunch with your best friend can brighten your day. 
Simple things bring so much JOY! )

No matter how busy or crazy the week, 
there is ALWAYS a DATE with the love of my life!

I'm SO grateful that over seven years ago, Tracy was told to leave work on a Friday night and call his wife and take her on a date!  There has hardly been a week that we haven't gotten away on a date together!
Most of our dates are simple and frugal...
we usually split a Pork Salad at Cafe Rio,
Nacho Mucho at Plum Loco
or a Fiesta Chicken Salad at McDonald's.
We then usually go and walk around the mall a few times holding hands and talking, or, in the hot summer months,we go and walk the Green Belt in downtown Idaho Falls.
Many times, we go and sit in Barnes and Noble and read magazines or books and on our way home we always end up getting some yummy produce and a Rotisserie chicken to enjoy the next week.

I love our time with no kids...
no interruptions, 
just time to talk,
time to dream,
time to enjoy whatever music we have purchased that week,
time to enjoy nature and usually a spectacular sunset!

D8 NITE...
it truly is the most wonderful day
 of the week for me!
YES, we did decide to "shake things up a little"
and splurge and go enjoy the Snakebite for dinner.
(While we are VERY frugal on our dates, and the meal we got tonight could have paid for 3 meals on future dates, it was SO worth it!

Fun atmosphere,
Awesome art on the walls,
Delicious food
and the VERY best company ever!
Cell phones get turned off on date night, 
However,  Tracy got an emergency message from his boss that he had to deal with first off.
Other than taking some photos of the moment, 
the phones were off the rest of the night!
SO much in LOVE!!!
I could be wrong, but, I think the photographer 
really adores the gal in this photo!!
 The COOLEST art paintings on the walls! 
Loved the brick walls and 
LOVED the colorful and abstract paintings! 

Look at that handsome face, 
enyoing a little sunshine and R&R after a long, busy week!
D8 NITE...
Something I look forward to and something I definitely could not live without!

I hope all of my friends and family are enjoying weekly date nights as well.
If you connect at least once a week with your spouse,
 there's no way you can get too disconnected from each other.
One of the best things you can do for your marriage!  

Oh happy day...
Oh happy life!!

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