Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our week in photos...

April 14th to 20th 
Every week is a wonderful blessing! 
I love when I get kisses from my kids in public!   

Gingersnap Cookies, 
piano recital...
sweet notes of ..kindness.
FUN packages in the mail...
Ethan receiving his Arrow of Light...
An unknown horse eating grass in our back yard...
blue sky and sunshine...

These were the highlights 
of our home this week!  
Gingersnap cookies...
can you say we pretty much ate them for dessert in our lunches everyday this week!
the blue skies and puffy clouds on Sunday!
 "This is the Moment"
the song I played at our piano recital.
 My sweet Ethan Kip working hard 
at practicing the piano. 
I love this photo of his so much...
it captures the moment just perfectly!  

(I must admit I feel badly I didn't get an actual photo of him playing at the piano recital. Tracy was not able to make it and so I recorded him playing it for Tracy to listen to when he got home and thus, wasn't able to take a photo.  I have a photo of me at playing at the recital, because one of our friends was sweet and took it (unbeknownst to me) and emailed it to me!)
 Sweet note of kindness and motivation from my piano teacher. 
It totally made my day!

 The view in my side window 
as I was taking the North Rexburg Exit 
on my way home from work to pick up Jade from Track Practice!
I received a box from UPS and I absolutely 
LOVE how my Chaco Sandals turned out!  
They have the original food bed, original Chaco Logo, "Made in Colorado" logo and heel strap from my original sandals.  I got them restrapped with NEW front webbing 
and also got new Vibram soles put on them.
Kind of funky and I LIKE them that way!
Little bit of old....Little bit of new!!
Last night EVER of attending a Cub Scout Pack Night!
Ethan received his "Arrow of Light" 
tonight and he is now officially in BOYS Scouts.
Bitter/Sweet moment for sure tonight!!

Our sweet neighbor boy 
getting his Arrow of Light as well!
Karsen and Ethan...
Two handsome boys that are just one day apart in age!
This nearly caused me a fright...
I was walking from the kitchen to the bedrooms and  was startled when I saw this  large horse that is NOT ours eating grass out our back window! 
Oh the fun of life in the country!  
YES, those are Tracy's and my feet reflection 
in a mirror as we were out shopping! 
(it's how I roll!)

Happy Week...  Happy Life!

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