Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our week in Photos...

March 31st to April 6th  

Every week of my life is filled with beauty and fun!! 
Sometimes there's adventures,
 sometimes I get to see friends that I haven't seen for awhile.  
Such was the case this week! 

 Sunday was Easter...
We LOVED our 56 degree weather 
and took a picnic to the BYU-I Gardens.
(to see our day in photos...click here)
 Never underestimate that there is beauty everywhere.
Loved this tree stump!  
 I sent off my beloved Chaco Sandal's to Re-Chaco 
to get new soles and new webbing.
As you can see, they are about to rip through the toe strap.
 I'm just going to be thrilled to get them back so I can wear them.
I pretty much LIVE in my Chaco Sandals through the summer months!
Another gorgeous sunset where we live!!

 "Oh what a beautiful morning!
Oh what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feelin',
everything's goin' my way!!" 
Adorable 1st graders at Teton Elementary...
Everyone remembered to wear their sneakers and that is cause to celebrate with a photo!!

 4th graders remembered their sneakers as well!   

I've mastered some KNOT tying!!
Taught my Young Women to tie these two knots tonight! 
Lanyard knot...

Jug Knot...

 1st graders at Parker Elementary 
remembered their sneakers/running shoes as well!

This is the last of the snow at the school...
Loved how artistic these looked!   

 My boys are SO lucky to have a dad 
that wants to have his sons by his side helping with projects.  
Here Tracy and Ethan are adjusting the valves on our CR-V that we bought 2 weeks ago.  I love seeing my boys working together!

 We got a spring hail storm...
It made the weeds in my yard beautiful today! 

Bloom where' you're planted!  
Olivia Brook
 My wonderful blogging friend Connie  
became a grandma again!
I drove into Rexburg to see them for a bit.
Adorable baby, happy mom and dad 
and the sweetest grandma in the world!
Look who else I got to see while I was visiting....
another awesome lady and friend 
Love the wonderful and inspiring women in my life!

The sky and one of the views that I saw 
on my drive home from Rexburg!
The simple beauty of living in the country!

 AND to end our week, 
we woke up Saturday to a bathroom...
That is until Tracy got a wild hair 
to take on a home improvement project 
and chip out the tile...
(a sweet message that Tracy left 
with the photo above on Facebook...)

"Kimberly this cute photo of you 
makes my heart go "pitter-patter". 
It also makes me realize we need to go shopping 
for some new jeans for you (that fit). 
I'd crawl through a bathroom full 
of broken ceramic tile for you babe!"

Weekend Salad...
Thank goodness I made up a big batch of these cookies, 
because being in the middle of a home improvement project, 
I've had little time to cook.  
These cookies are delicious, hearty and not too bad for you!
 (here for recipe)

Here's what will be sitting in our bathroom soon...
can't wait to be done with our project 
and post photos of the project from start to finish!

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