Wednesday, March 20, 2013

11 Wonderful Years!

Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you've imagined! 
~~ Henry David Thoreau

I can't believe my three pound 
preemie baby Ethan Kip 
is now eleven!

It just seems like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital!
Right now, his goal in life is to do good in school so he can get a scholarship and go to "Doctor School" to become a Pediatrician!
I hope his dream really does become a reality for him because that's all he can talk about.
With the determination and persistence that he has, I'm sure it will!

This sweet boy teaches me about life daily and I LOVE and treasure each and every moment that I get to spend with him!

Ethan and I have had ALOT of fun moments together these past few months. Before I share some of the photos of his birthday fun, I thought I would share some of these sweet moments that I never want to forget!   

HUG from my sweet boy the after he got off the bus 
that awful day on December 14, 2012 when the Sandy Hook Elementary school had a terrible shooting that took the lives of 20 children and 7 adult staff members.
I couldn't hug him enough!!   
I had Tracy take a photo of us hugging 
so I could preserve this sweet moment!  
 It's one of those moments that I will never forget.

 Ethan and I both started taking piano lessons in December 2012! 
We even played a duet together 2 weeks after we started lessons!

I love our home being filled with music
and LOVE that part of it is from the hands of Ethan practicing and playing!  

And we always get a weekend together each year as Tracy and Jade always have an overnight camp-out up in Island Park with the Young Men in our ward. This year we decided to both wear our matching Sponge Bob Shirts! 
We made homemade Pizza together...
(Chicken Bacon and Ranch to be exact!)
BOY was it ever yummy!  

We popped up popcorn 
and got movie treats... 

 We snuggled on the couch 
and watched "Young Indiana Jones".
I loved this sweet profile of him laying on my lap with the glow of the TV while I tickled his back.

And we even fell asleep together!
I'm going to miss these sweet days immensely! 
(Ethan got an early birthday present a few weeks before his birthday 
and this was the label Tracy made for it.  
Tracy is SO talented with art!) 

 March 19th, 2013
 Took the birthday boy to breakfast before school started!
I couldn't resist snapping this photo of his reflection in the window.
It was SO sweet seeing his profile with a hint of a smile! 

Determined, exuberant, thoughtful, full of boundless energy, smart, funny, compassionate, hardworking, smile that makes me melt....
these are some of the words that describe you! 
Happy Birthday Ethan Kip! 
Thanks for filling each and every day with JOY!!

After I picked him up from school 
I took him to snap some photos up 
at the train tracks not far from where we live.
Love how these photos turned out!

And here's photos 
of the birthday celebration!
As requested by the birthday boy, 
the cake HAD to be German Chocolate.
(with broken Symphony Candy Bar 
to make the number "11" on the top! 

Dinner was Salmon Burgers 
with Homemade Onion and Cheese Buns!

Time to blow out the Candles...
While Ethan's birthday was the last day of winter, 
it was sure SPRING like outside.
NO wind, blue skies, mid 50 temps, and ONE full of life, FULL of excitement boy that seemed to have a perfect day from beginning to end!
Got this SWEETEST text 
from Ethan the day after his birthday.
I had already left the house to go to my PE teaching job and he sent this to me.
 Talk about melting my heart 
and feeling loved and appreciated!  
 On Friday March 22nd,
they had a mother and son BEACH party at the Middle School.
 On our drive there, this is how the sky looked. Ethan commented....
"WOW, mom, that looks like Heaven".
I have to agree!

We had SO much fun together
doing Hula Hoops, the "Limbo", playing all sorts of "Minute to win-it" games, Beach Volleyball and enjoying yummy treats too!

PS...YUCK to my hair...I had a bad time at the hair salon and I am YELLOW haired girl in this priceless photo!  Thank goodness, it's colored and back to being

 I LOVE being a MOM 
to this wonderful boy of mine!
I'm sure savoring each and every precious moment of time I get with him, because before I blink my eyes, he'll be grown and going on to college and on a mission and I'll be longing for the days when he was here with me each and every day!

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