Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting "take-out" on the V-Strom!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

We just can't get enough of adventuring on this Freedom machine!
Tracy worked 1/2 a day today and we decided to bundle up and do some more exploring!
Today's adventure took us out exploring the Menan Buttes and back roads in Roberts, Idaho.

We ended up enjoying our ride so much that we some how ended up in Idaho Falls near dinner-time!
SO, since our boys LOVE Chinese Food so much, we decided to order some "Take-out" to take home to them and it rode perfectly in our bag attached to the back!

Some photos from our 
wonderful afternoon adventure ride!

The view of Rexburg, 
from the Menan Butte.
Our drive took us to Roberts, Idaho.
LOVE these giant pop cans!
Filling up with gas...
Waiting for a train to pass in downtown Idaho Falls...
That there is Chinese Take-Out 
that we are bundling in the bag on our motorbike.
Talk about a PERFECT day of riding, 
and HAPPY kids 
getting to enjoy one of their favorite meals!

I can see that more trips to town on our motorbike to get "Take-out" are definitely going to be in our future and that makes Kimmie a happy gal indeed!

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