Sunday, December 8, 2013

Adventure and FUN on our Thanksgiving Break!

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving 2013 has come and gone and here we are starting the 2nd week of December!  
We have LOTS of snow right now, 
school has been cancelled for 4 days in a row and we are experiencing below zero and single digits temperatures!  

So grateful for the wonderful weather 
we had on Thanksgiving week!

YES, it was only in the high 30's and low 40's, but that is WARM compared to what we are dealing with right now!

We had 5 days off from work and school together!
It was just AWESOME!  

I'm mostly grateful that we embraced the weather and ENJOYED the week to the fullest!
Mr. Smith came home on Tuesday evening and took me for a ride around the block on our NEW toy!
I was in heaven!
(I LOVE my hubby's 
"No-Shave November" beard.  
He's looking  pretty HOT!
We lounged on Wednesday in our jammies and slippers and read books, watched movies and Mr. Smith couldn't help, at least START his motorbike, despite the chilly weather!
I awoke Thanksgiving morning to a quiet house as everyone slept in. It was nice to be alone to my thoughts and so much fun to get the food ready and the table decorated so when my men awoke for the day, it was a SURPRISE!  

It was beautiful outside and as I looked at the contrails in the sky, I couldn't help but think that people were on planes, excited to be spending the holidays with family and friends!  
Our table looked so beautiful in the morning sunshine...

Going to the Tabernacle
 to hear the Thanksgiving Morning Program....
was the highlight of our morning!
Grateful for hubby and sons that humor me and go to it!
Such beautiful music and words
 were sung and spoken!

Tracy told us to keep our meal simple this year 
and so instead of making rolls, 
we made Grilled Texas Toast instead! 
It was a simple delicious meal, 
shared with my three favorite people!

I told Tracy the only thing I wanted for Thanksgiving day, 
was to enjoy an adventure ride with him on our V-Strom!
So we bundled up and off we went!

The road of adventure is always a JOY!

I just love being behind this awesome guy as we ride and explore together!

Absolutely gorgeous sunset we enjoyed 
on a road that is just a little ways from where we live!
The Menan Buttes are highlighted 
and the distant mountains are the Lemhi range.
This photo is just awesome!

No Thanksgiving day would be complete without PIE!
Coconut Cream,
Apple Huckleberry 
and Cherry Pie 
were on the menu and very much enjoyed!
Our day ended with the most gorgeous and vibrant sunset!

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