Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Because sometimes you need a Fast Break...

This is my VERY favorite photo!
"The Scout Master has Returned...
It's been a LONG week"!

Summer 2012...
Tracy had been gone to Scout Camp for a week and I had gotten a bright idea that I wanted to replicate the famous 1920's Sailor kissing the nurse photo in Time Square.
SO, I  got all gussied up,
set up my camera on a tripod
and as soon as Tracy got home
we snapped a photo!
I love that my kids had made a "Welcome Home" sign,
that we had our flag displayed in the background,,
that my kids were being dramatic
and that it shows a moment of love and passion between a husband and wife!

Not sure if you remember this post I did last year, or not, (here) 
(Yeah, that one...
 the one that I talked about adding SPARK to marriage and life and even used the word sex).

When I look at the above photo, 
I long to have ROMANCE every single day.
Oh if every day could be romantic and blissful and like a fairy tale!
However, with how hectic and crazy life gets, that is not always possible.

(I will admit that I LOVE technology to at least 
send sweet messages to your spouse throughout the day! 

SO, I thought I'd share a FUN assignment 
that we did from our book.
It's called the 5 minute Fast Break.
First you will need to purchase some candy bars.
(We have a metal tin in our bedroom that we keep these in).
You pull your sweetie aside,
hand them a Fast Break candy bar,
 give them that "look"
(when this happens, it's so much fun to see their face light up)
  and then
you go to a room of your house
(we use the bathroom),
turn off the light,
 lock the door,
set a timer for 5 minutes
 and enjoy each other in whatever way you would like.

HOWEVER, once the timer goes off,
it's turn on the lights and back to life!

It's amazing how 5 minutes of passionate kissing
can greatly recharge your batteries!
AND another added benefit...
it has you wanting MORE,
so it usually means that you'll enjoy more FUN that evening.

Weekly dates, great communication,
sex, and daily connecting 
in some way with your spouse, 
are just a few things you can do to keep your marriage 
wonderful, exciting and long lasting!

SO, if life is feeling crazy busy
and you realize everyone is getting your attention, but your spouse,
try adding a FAST BREAK into your day!

You'll come away feeling recharged, 
and it is most certainly a way 
to JUMP start things 
in the romance department of your marriage!

Have FUN!  


Alene said...

What a great idea! Life does get very busy and you are so right Hubby is sometimes the one that gets left out. I think I will try this! By the way, Gabe says thank you in advance!!!

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