Friday, July 5, 2013

Our best 4th of July so far...

4th of July was one of the most 
perfect days we've had this year!
Gorgeous sunrise, hot air balloons, beauty, mountains, hiking, picnic, window shopping, good food, no rush, no plan... just savoring each and every moment and experience with my three best friends!
It seriously couldn't have been more perfect!

We were running late as we overslept 
and so we had the pedal to the metal,
However, we couldn't resist stopping to capture 
the gorgeous colors of the sunrise
 as we headed to Driggs, Idaho for the Balloon Festival.  
We made it!!
I'm near the mountains that I love so much, 
with my favorite people
 on a beautiful Independence Day morning!
 Life is good! 
 Two of the most 
handsome boys that I know!

Oh how I love this man!
It got a little overcast for a moment...
Loved the clouds!
 Making Parfaits on the back of our tailgate...
Yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and almonds.
SO festive and perfect 
for our 4th of July breakfast! 
Chaco Love...

I love my feet...
especially when they are clad in my Chaco Sandals! 
I'm in heaven... 
Getting to enjoy a hike today in the mountains
 with an abundance of wildflowers! 
Kimmie is happy! 
Get down from there Mr. Smith...right now!
Never a dull moment with my hubby and boys!
When Nature Calls...
You know you're in the wild west,
 when traffic is directed by someone riding a horse!

It wouldn't be the 4th of July 
without a bag of Salt Water Taffy to enjoy!
Relaxing in the sun...
Ethan had a ball playing in the creek 
at the park that we had lunch at!
I love his energy and zest for life!
I still can't believe that this is me...
Dirty Feet...
means we had a GREAT Day with LOTS of fun!

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gigi said...

You look awesome! I love all your colorful pictures!