Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Moment for Kimmie...

First off, I'm not one to brag, AT ALL, 
but, I couldn't help sharing that one of the photos that I took at the Color in Motion Race last weekend, was featured in our local News Paper!  

I felt honored and excited about that, 
especially, since I'm just an amateur photographer, 
that has gained a love for
trying to capture life with her iPhone 
and the other photos in the newspaper were all taken by professional photographers with expensive cameras! 
(Jade and Candace are in the middle of the photo with scarves over their faces to avoid inhaling paint)

We are heading out on a mini-vacation for a few days 
and while I have photos for five blog posts all organized and edited, my week has not allowed me to upload them and actually blog.  Next week for sure, blogging will be back on the docket.

Have a beautiful and fun-filled weekend!
Hope you're able to get out and explore 
and enjoy life to the fullest!

We are going to be hiking a mountain we have never hiked before
 and swimming in a place that we have never swam before.  I can't wait!
Looking forward
to adding more experiences, adventures and trails
 to our life and I can't wait to share them as well! 

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Saw that picture. Didn't realize it was yours!!!! I need to read the fine print.

It's the best picture of them all!

Have a blast on your little getaway.