Monday, July 15, 2013

Color my World... BRIGHT!

I can't believe how much my wonderful son Jade 
teaches me about life, every single day!
He is a lover of people, a lover of experiences 
and when it comes to material things, he really isn't that into "things".

Well, Jade has a wonderful Aunt Shelley and cousin Candace that are clued into Jade's interests as well.  They have wanted to come and watch him run when he was in Cross-Country and track, however, life is busy and hectic and that never happened.
SO, since they know that Jade loves running and that Jade LOVES people more than anything, rather than give him a material gift for his birthday and graduation, they decided to give him the experience of running with them in the Color in Motion 5K event.

Talk about being inspired! 
It truly was a memorable event for Jade, Shelley and Candace and I just loved watching the excitement and FUN from the side lines as they enjoyed this awesome event together!
I don't think I've ever seen Jade have more fun in his life!

There were BRIGHT COLORS everywhere,
everyone got covered as much as they wanted in bright paint dust!
You can see why I titled this post "Color my world BRIGHT" after seeing the photos!

Warning photo overload...
can't help but share the entire experience
I'm hoping to have this post printed into a book
as a keepsake for Jade, so, LOTS of photos it is!
My handsome Jade was SO excited he was up at 6:00 
all dressed and ready for the most exciting 5K he's ever ran!
Candace designed shirts and scarfs for them to wear...
"Eat my color Dust" clever!
Happy runners... 

Ty decided he wanted to run the race as well, Ethan was sad, but tried to be a good sport. I told Ethan, this was Jade's birthday and graduation present and so it was his special time with his aunts.
Ethan is already counting down the months until the next Color in Motion run and he is going to run in it with his cousin!
Waiting for the FUN to begin!

And the COLOR throw begins...
These awesome runners 
were part of the National Guard!
Love how they wore wigs and suspenders 

with their camo pants!

 Bright Color 

 Shelley was trying to avoid 
getting too much color thrown on her!
Getting ready to rock and roll... 
It wouldn't be an event 
without getting a "Feet Photo"! 
 Stretching Out...
Ethan is jealous and feeling deprived 
on missing out on all of that FUN!
Poor kid!
 Tracy was SO awesome 
at capturing the events riding his bike!

 And they're off!
 What a beautifully colored street 
after the runners left...
I really am married to "Mr. Incredible"!
 It was so apropos Tracy that you were wearing 
that shirt today as you were INCREDIBLE on your bike
 following the runners and capturing 
so many great moments with your camera. 
You still handle your bike like you did when you were in college... 
so skilled and amazing to watch!
 You'd never know you're 44!  
 Tracy's amazing bike riding 
captured LOTS of great photos during the entire 5K
 The Green Color splash...
The Pink Color Splash...
 Awesome Jade...
almost to the finish line!

 ....And there's Candace and Shelley!!
We did it!!! 
And the party in the park begins!

Lisa, Candace, Jade and Shelley!
 Refueling on calories....
My sweet friend DiDi and her adorable boys 
after she crossed the finish line! 

 Cutest mom and kids EVER!!

 Candace didn't believe
 how much GREEN paint was in her hair!

One last photo before heading to the car! 

 My friend Dana and his son Jayson 
provided the awesome music for the party!
 Ready to head off..
Someone at the park was kind enough 
to give Jade a garbage sack to wear home 
to keep from getting the seats of our car dirty!
All cleaned up and ready to enjoy the rest of the day!

Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME day!
It was perfect and FUN and
 I LOVED the bright colors!!
(if you haven't figured out by now, 
I'm someone that LOVES bright...
the brighter the colors, the prettier and more awesome they are to me!) 

I'm definitely going to be participating next year, 
because Kimmie loves any opportunity
 to be able to be a little bit WILD and CRAZY!


Jenny Lynn said...

WOW, now this is my kind of 5k! All that color looks like so much fun.

Jenny Lynn said...
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michelle durheim said...

You captured some amazing pictures! I've always wanted to run one of these. It looks like a lot of fun!