Monday, July 29, 2013

Mr. Sunshine...

"You are the sunshine of my life
That's why I'll always be around
You are the apple of my eye
Forever you'll stay in my heart..."

I've been reflecting a lot lately about how 
I really am married to "Mr Incredible"!
At age 44 he can still maneuver a bike 
like he did when he was in college!

It's been awhile since I've gotten all mushy about love, but, I decided I needed to write down my thoughts and share some photos from the past year about the amazing man that I'm married to!
(because this is my blog and I can do things like that)

I sometimes feel like I married way above myself...
Tracy shines in every area of life and there is nothing that bugs me about him at ALL
(although I know there are many things that I do that  irritate him and drive him crazy!).

He really is perfect and better yet he's perfect for me!
SO today, 
here are things I LOVE 
about the wonderful man that I married!

Love those curly locks of hair...

He's my hiking and backpacking buddy...
There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than being out in nature with the LOVE of my life, with backpacks on enjoying the mountains and all of the beauty that they offer!

He is "Mr Prepared" for anything!
These photos show how he had a repair kit with him on one of  our backpacking trips in 2012 and thank goodness he did, because one of our Therma-Rest sleeping pads, ended up with a hole in it and so Tracy saved the day by repairing it so Jade could get good nights sleep!
He never ceases to AMAZE ME! 

He was such an adorable kid growing up!
I could just kiss that adorable face!

He is the most talented handy man 
I've ever known, or probably will ever meet!   

He is a master of all handy man projects!
Digging trenches, laying pipe and setting up spigots at various spots in our yard, are just a FEW of the many projects he does around our house!

 He's hilarious...
like how he'll strike some funny pose after we've hiked to the top of a mountain! 

 LOVE soaking up at our favorite hot springs!
I NEVER tire of being with this man!

He humors me and is always willing to stop when we're driving along, so I can capture something beautiful with my camera!

 He leaves me Love Notes...

 He makes the BEST burgers on the grill...

Look at that precision cut he made on the Porcelain Tile 
that he cut for our laundry room remodel.
He's a precision builder of things
and loves working with his hands!
Here he is building a door 
for our wall mounted ironing board.

New paint, tile and washer and dryer 
all hooked back up after our 
laundry room tiling project!

RUNNING WATER all hooked up again 
in the washing machine.
He has a funny sense of humor and 
left this note in the dust during our tiling project!   

And I was happy to get our home 
all back clean and beautiful again!  

 He's my handsome Scout Master 
and he does an amazing job at motivating and encouraging all of the great boys that he works with!
He does things that bring daily laughter...
like putting on his dorky, old, glasses and coming out with a big grin on his face, just to make me laugh, as we're heading off to the movie!
(I can just hear his laughter when I look at the above photo)
He always motivates us to get out 
and go for walks on Sunday afternoons...

 All of the kids LOVE him and how he always makes them go "WHEE" by having them sit on his feet and then flipping them over his head! 

I probably would never make food like this, 
if I didn't have a man in the house.
Now granted, it's a rare treat to eat like this, 
but, when we do, it sure tastes delicious!

He makes the BEST Pinewood Derby cars...
He just built the last car this year with Ethan. Here's some of my favorite photos from the moment! 
He's a very patient and loving dad!
 He pours salsa in the shape of HEARTS
 and hands me chips to eat when we go to our 
favorite Mexican Restaurant "Mi Casa"!

 He takes us to the movies...

even though money is sometimes tight, he ALWAYS takes us to enjoy our favorite local Hot Springs
(and once in awhile for pizza).
There is ALWAYS enough money 
to enjoy simple pleasures like this together, especially when Tracy is around! 

He humors me and 
paints our furniture bright colors... 
 He is an artist!
AND he is always there at the 
special moments in our kids lives!

 Our birthdays are just 2 days a part. 
I love our special birthday dates together!
Gyros, Cheesecake and LOVE in the FALL.

Birthdays 2012 were the BEST we've had thus far!

He's talented on the sewing machine! 
(thanks to his skills he learned while on his 2 year mission
 of having to tailor his suits and do other repairs).
Here he is repairing the tattered parachute for my PE class.

Our backpacking trip to Green Mountain Lake without the kids
Summer 2012.
Another moment where I could have sat here with my best friend and hiking buddy and enjoyed the view forever!
 He loves our vintage 1968 Toyota  Land Cruiser...
(that we've had since 1991)
I don't think he'll ever be able to get rid of it!
 He leaves me funny notes 
like this on the toilet paper roll!

 He keeps our cars in running order! 

He is always doing thoughtful things...
like the last day they were selling Hostess products, 
he brought me home my favorite! 

 The one time a year he has to go on a business trip, he always sends me fun photos showing me his room and his gear!
AND when he returns from those business trips, he always brings home the yummiest treats!
 He's my favorite 
Cross Country Skiing partner!

He always makes us laugh until our sides ache!

 He is meticulous at keeping a journal...
even when we're out backpacking!
Our cute cozy tent...
I love our backpacking adventures
(sans kids)!

He is the BEST Dutch Oven Chef! 

And he'll send me photos like this 
when they head to a cabin for one of their Scout outings!

 I wish this could be my everyday...
laying in a field of wildflowers, high in the mountains with the love of my life!

 He is the BEST dad...
he always has time for his boys!
I SPY...
a 40 something year old man that looks like he could be in college as he's walking down the high school halls with his sons!
I love how youthful he is and that he takes care of his health!
Lunch Date in the middle of the week, 
at the park with my best friend!

He can repair anything!
Here is our mirror all perfectly repaired and better than new!

 He takes care of us on our backpacking trips...

We're both officially BOY Scouts...
As of July 14th, I am the new Cub Master of our ward and Tracy is the Scout Master!
I'm SO excited to both be doing SCOUTS together!
( I especially LOVED and savored every moment of Wood Badge training that we got to do together in June. Cherished moments for sure!

He calls me on hot 90 degree summer days and tells me and the kids to come and meet him for lunch and then he buys us milkshakes! 

 "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"!

And at the end of the day, 
I'm the LUCKY one that gets to jump up into the arms of this strong, capable, talented and extremely handsome man,
 wrap my arms and legs around him and give him a great  BIG hug and kiss and 
"I love you!  Welcome home honey...I've missed you!!

It's a wonderful thing!

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