Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another wonderful week...

(June 23rd to 29th, 2013)

A wonderful friend of mine said that he was going 
to do a post everyday for the month of July. 
(albeit, he is going to limit each post to 100 words and I don't think I'll be able to do that part of it, but, who knows, maybe, after I get caught up on blogging, I can embrace the 100 word post challenge as well). 

That is A LOT of work, I initially thought when I read that.
However, as I got to thinking about that, I'm realizing that it is a GREAT idea, especially, since I'm a little behind in blogging about my life and sharing recipes.
SO, I'm going to take on that challenge and do my best to do a post a day for the next month,
  (OR, at least until the last week of July, when I will be going out of town for a week and most likely, won't be able to blog during that time).

This week consisted of:

 New blooms in my yard...
Homemade Buns and grilling Nathan's hot dogs on the grill...

Sending Jade and Tracy off to Encampment...

A bike ride in the country with my YW girls 
and getting to enjoy service at one of the older sisters in our ward, 
who has the most AMAZING yard!!

Fun in the Sun...
Getting to see our cousin and friends perform in the "Aladdin Jr." production...
our week ended getting to enjoy the birthday party 
of one of the cutest two-year olds that we know!

Here is our week in photos!
 Bright Red Lilies...
Hot Pink Coreopsis...
Dinner on the Porch...
one of our summer-time favorites!!

Movie treats...
We had a movie night at home 
and watched "The Avengers"!

Sent my boy off to "Rise Up Encampment"...
(10,000 scouts and leaders in one place for 4 days)
the cool shadows that our bikes made
 as we were riding down the road!

This flower looks like a Sparkler...

How cool is that...
to find a rock that resembles a "heart" 
while you're out weeding in your yard! 
Dad being AMAZING 
climbing the 32 foot climbing wall with small stones to grab onto 
and taking the path with the least amount of hand grips. 
He is phenomenal...
a true hero to his sons and to his scouts!
He lives by ALL of the points of the Scout Law perfectly
 Cousin Bryson...
 Awesome acting by some really great guys at Aladdin Jr.
(OH and amazing costumes and make-up as well!)
Taking his time, trying to make 
a really nice card for Max's birthday!
 LOVE how it turned out!
Sweet Max the Birthday Boy...
HE couldn't decide if he wanted his sucker or the cupcake!

Lots of wonderful and beautiful memories this week!
Happiest moment of all, 
was having Tracy and Jade arrive home safely.
We sure did miss them!

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