Monday, July 1, 2013

Cherish. Each. Moment...

 “Summer will end soon enough, 
and childhood as well.”
― George R.R. Martin

I can't believe it's July 1st!
How did that happen?!? 

All I know is that I'm having one of the best summers of my life!
Now, if you were to see my life, you would wonder how that could possibly be
(especially, since, I can't seem to keep up on the weeds in my yard, since we have had lots of obligations of many kinds since school let out and my yard has got put on hold for a bit).

WELL, the key... 
planning lots of simple, FUN into our lives.
We sat down with the kids over breakfast at McDonald's last week and got four major events on our calendar for 4-day weekends to be enjoyed from now until the kids are back in school. 
YAY!  That's never happened before!

We also, added lots of "little things" 
to the calendar to be enjoyed as well. 
Last week while Tracy and Jade were enjoying 
an amazing time at the "Rise Up Encampment" 
with 10,000 other Scouts and Leaders
celebrating 100 years of BSA being a part of the LDS church program,
Ethan and I enjoyed some much needed one on one time together, enjoying the hot weather and lazy afternoons!   
These were priceless treasures me, AND to Ethan as well.
He commented over and over again that this was the BEST 3 days of his life!
The JOY of 
skipping rocks in the river!

Having a BLAST... 
Enjoying this wonderful 
87 degree weather 
with with most energetic 
11 year-old I know...
Ethan Kip! 
 Happy Summer!

That quote is SO true...
Childhood ends far too soon!
SO, savor and enjoy each moment with your little ones!
Skip rocks, 
play in the sand,
get DIRTY,
jump in the water,
read books,
kiss those cute freckled faces,
sit and talk and talk and talk!

Weeds and Dust can wait until tomorrow!
(OR, at least until the kids are back in school!)
Make homemade popsicles,

Stop to notice the pretty flowers, 
bees and beauty all around you!

Most of all...
 BE there completely in the moment!
Let your sweet child know how much you Love them!
Because, tomorrow comes too quickly and they will be grown up and moving on and you'll wonder where the time went and you'll be longing for these sweet and cherished moments in time!
 Cherish. Each. Moment.
 To. The. Fullest!

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