Friday, November 1, 2013

Family... at the very top of my gratitude list!

"The love of a family 
is life's greatest blessing!"  

A month where we take time to reflect on all of 
the blessings and wonderful things we have in our lives!  

As I start out my month of gratitude I can't help but reflect on the greatest blessing of all in my life; that of my amazing, awesome, crazy and FUN family and home life!

Tracy and I just got done celebrating birthdays a week ago.
10-20-13... Kimmie turned 43
10-22-13... Tracy turned 45
My mother-in-law must have been inspired to give me this card,
 because that is exactly what I told my family I wanted. 

All I wanted for my birthday was to go for a drive to see the fall colors, enjoy the sunshine with my favorite people and take a photo of us along the river... and that is exactly what I got!
SO, we loaded up in the car and drove to Parker, Idaho to see the beauty.

October 20, 2013
Me and my three favorite guys in a beautiful spot!  
My only other request was that I wanted to go on a ride on our motorcycle with my HOT and awesome hubby!  

Tracy's birthday had some FUN surprises! 
 Only the best for my birthday hubby 
and no birthday would be complete without
 German Chocolate Cake... 
a tradition that Tracy has had since he was just a wee boy!
"Happy Birthday Dear Tracy, Dad...
Happy Birthday to you"!!

Such a priceless sweet card from my Ethan...

After enjoying Cake and Ice Cream 
I went and changed into a cute black dress 
and took Tracy into the living room where there were 45 candles lit on top of our piano and I played 
 Prelude in E Minor by Chopin for him!  
He was amazed and shocked 
as he had no idea he was getting this kind of a surprise.
I think my kids were just as excited as Tracy was, as they knew about this special night I had planned  for Tracy for the past month and I'm just grateful that we were able to pull it off!

(read about his reactions here)
 (this was Ethan's favorite photo that Tracy took)

I sat and played it probably 6 or 7 times 
while Tracy relaxed on the couch. 
It was a heavenly and wonderful moment in time!
I found this sweet note from Ethan on my pillow 
when we went to bed that night! 
I learned something new today...
That I have a "BOMBASTIC" personality!  
It just made me melt!

I love my family so much!

I especially LOVE this handsome and amazing man,
more than words can express and not only do I love that I am married to him, 
I love that we get to enjoy our birthday celebrations together each year!

I'm definitely the richest most blessed woman in the world 
and it's not because I have a big house, fancy cars, jewels or gold, but because I have this amazing man by my side every step of the way, who shows me love daily, is always doing thoughtful acts of kindness and brings love, laughter, joy, happy memories and smiles to each and every day!

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