Monday, November 11, 2013

Another weekend ride with Mr. Smith!

Oh Adventure...
I just love you SO!

November 9, 2013
It was a beautiful Saturday.
Hardly a cloud in the sky.
No Wind.
It was 52 degrees by noon.
It was the perfect kind of a day for a ride on the motorbike.

While I dreamed of going out and enjoying a ride with my favorite guy, I just didn't know if it would come to fruition.  With our oldest son Jade getting the opportunity to work and earn money that morning, and school projects that required our assistance...  Also, the fact that Mr. Smith had to go on a camp-out with his Scouts on Friday night and didn't get back until mid-morning and then we had to unpack and get all of the gear put away, it just didn't seem like there was going to be an opportunity to take advantage of such a gorgeous afternoon.

HOWEVER, at 2:30 pm, our boys told us we should head out on a much needed date that we had missed due to the previous night's camp-out.
So, Mr. Smith and I got all bundled up in warm clothes,
grabbed our bright red helmets
  (still have yet to purchase some modern helmets but we have all winter to shop),
and warm gloves and we headed out to enjoy the last 2-1/2 hours of sunshine!
 We headed up Pole Line road and followed the hilly and windy road as it meandered along the Rexburg bench for a ways. 

Since we were hungry, we decided to eventually turn north and loop back into town enjoying the scenery along the way.
 We then drove into Rexburg 
and enjoyed a yummy lunch of burgers and fries.

After our bellies were stuffed, we  headed back up Pole Line road and took some back roads on the Rexburg bench that landed us in the Targhee National Forest.
 Gorgeous quaking aspens and pines...
A little bit of SNOW...
 We ended up coming across this old ran down house and grain silos that made the perfect backdrop for some interesting photos. 
"Oh Darling,
Let's be Adventurers together!"
 Tracy humored me and drove a ways down the road so I could snap some interesting photos through the window frames of the run down old farm house.
Oh good!  He's coming back for me!  
"Honey, I'm home!"
 This is Kimmie's Shadow
 doing the "I Love You" sign!
I LOVE how the shadow is red 
and how my legs look like I'm wearing striped witch tights!
It's looking quite desolate 
in some of the fields this time of year!
 The time went by too fast 
and it is sad to get back on and start heading for home.
 I spy a shadow of a couple
 truly enjoying their ride!
At this point we are
trying to make it back before the sun sets entirely, 
because it is REALLY cooling off 
and we are starting to get a little bit chilly!  
It was a short 50 miles or so but a wonderful ride none-the-less!

Oh, I could truly just ride off into the sunset with this wonderful man and enjoy adventure after adventure together!

Someday, our kids will be raised,
we'll have more TIME to get out and do those things we're most passionate about,
but, until then,
we'll just keep enjoying whatever rides we can squeeze in on the good weather days
and try to create as many wonderful memories with our boys that we can,
before they grow any bigger!

"LIFE is either a daring adventure,
or nothing at all!"
Helen Keller

We've got to do our best to make the most of it 
and live it to the FULLEST!!

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Looks like the perfect afternoon.
Love all the pictures.
It's hard to believe we are still having such great weather.

I'm getting a little bit excited to see some snow though. (I know! Shocker coming from me.)

Hope you have a great week.