Saturday, November 16, 2013

First Snow Fall!

Thursday November 7th, 2013
It was a grey, drizzly and rainy day 
as I drove to Parker, Idaho 
to teach my PE classes.
However, a mile or two before I got to the school, the weather instantly turned to SNOW!

It's too bad grown ups aren't as excited about snow as kids are!
I came outside to do lunch recess duty and this is what I saw...

Lots of little balls of snow that had been rolled by little hands, trying to make some snow men!
These cute little girls were SO proud of their creation!
OH and if you keep your eyes open when you walk around a playground of grass with melting snow, you can even come across cool shapes... 
I SPY... a swan!

The snow didn't stay for long and by the next day it was melted and gone.
However, when we awoke on 
Saturday, November 16th,
we had a fresh new falling of snow. 
I wonder if it's going to be here to stay for good this time?

Mr. Smith and I headed into town this morning with all of our propane bottles and filled them up, so we can hook up our heater and be able to keep warm while we putter, tinker and create in the garage!

(OH and so we can have plenty of fuel so we can use our Weber grill for making burgers, pizza and salmon all throughout the snowy winter months as well!)

Sunshine, Rain, or Snow,
Life is GOOD!

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