Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend with Bodie and highlights of Jade!

my wonderful, amazing son!  

First off,
 I can't believe that he turned 19 this year!
It seems like just yesterday 
when I was swinging with him on this swing!  

Highlights from his birthday celebration... 
May 12, 2013


I've loved all of the sweet moments that I've got to enjoy with Jade this past year...
 Watching him run one last time 
as part of the cross country team!

 Being there when he was awarded a medal for his great participation on the cross country team!

 Feeling SO grateful that Jade has a wonderful team of people that care about him and want him to succeed!  Our yearly IEP meeting. I love the caring and joy that this photo represents

 Jade had a cooking class and I was honored that he wanted me to be the guest speaker at it!
We had SO much fun and showed his class how to make Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese frosting.. Afterwards, Jade said to me:
"Mom, we should have a cooking show together and call it the 

"Cooking with Kimmie and Jade" show"! 

I feel SO lucky to have a son 

that is thrilled and proud of his mom
even when he's a Senior in High School! 
It's something that I never take for granted!!

 He is my right hand man helping me out 
when Tracy is out of town.
Tracy went on a business trip this past January and we had the biggest snow storm EVER!
He shoveled and shoveled and made my job easier to get our driveway all cleared out!

He wanted me to come and watch him 
give his speech for his government class.  
He looked so handsome and innocent I couldn't resist snapping a photo of my sweet guy!

 I can't believe that I am old enough 
to have a boy this age!

I was one happy mama to come home from work on September 3rd to this happy boy after his 10 day long trip to Tennessee!  

SO, now to the title of this post:
"Weekend with Bodie"!

YES, you will see in the above photos that Jade is standing with his grandparents, wearing a graduation gown and holding a diploma cover. 

To explain that...
Since Jade is on an IEP (Individual Education Plan), it means that he is able to keep going to High School until he is 21.  The kids that do this are allowed one time to walk down the graduation aisle and he decided he wanted to do it with his actual graduating class.
SO, he will be going to High School until May 2015 and after he finishes he will receive a REAL diploma!

This year, he has been taking 
a Dating and Adult Relationships class 
and part of the assignment was bringing home a mechanical baby that he was in charge of all care
 from the afternoon of November 8th until the morning of November 11th.
Jade chose a cute little black baby boy for his project! 
His name was "Bodie"
 Ethan helped in the feeding times of Bodie as well.

WOW, was it ever an eye opener!
Up multiple times during the night, which meant NO sleep for the entire family!
Having to trouble solve on what the baby needed whether it was hungry, needed burped, needed rocked or needed it's diaper changed.
Needless to say, we didn't get much done this weekend at all!!

As I awoke Monday morning, 
the sun was shining brightly in the window 
as I sat and held "Bodie" and fed him, so Jade could get ready for school, I couldn't help but ponder and think how grateful I am for my sweet and amazing son! 

Life has been SO VERY HARD  and challenging for him, 
but he is such a positive kid with an amazing attitude and always has a smile and a laugh for all who come in contact with him!

I'm SO thrilled that I still get to be a part of his life and school projects and I'm going to be savoring these next 18 months to the fullest!

I love you Jade!
Love and Kisses,
 from Mom

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{krista} said...

We had to do that fake baby twice. The first time it was defective and cried ALL the time, after four hours of straight crying, we stuck it in the car and let it cry itself to an early demise. So she had to do it again. The second time was MUCH better, but still exhausting!