Sunday, November 3, 2013

You can learn a lot from kids...

I love my job!

I feel so grateful that I get to be the lucky one to be teaching kids PE and doing my best to motivate them to enjoy being physically active!  
However, the more I am with my PE kids, the more I realize that they are teaching me, maybe more than I'm teaching them. 
September 18th and 19th 
was one of the most dreaded day for my PE kids... 
the day they had to do the MILE Run!

Who knew that motivating kids to run the mile, was as easy 
as rewarding them with an Otter Pop after they ran!! 
2nd grade Boy: 
"Teacher, that was SO hard, but, this Popsicle was so worth it" 

Best idea ever!
I sure do LOVE my job and all of the sweet kids I get to work with! 
Well, that wasn't the only thing I learned those two days in September.
I saw kids all on their own who completed the mile run 
way ahead of their class mates, RUN out 
and run the last little bit with the kids
 that were coming in last, while
"Cheering" them on and telling them, "You can do it"!
The fifth graders even ran out and cheered on and ran with their teacher who was 8th months pregnant while she finished the last few hundred yards of running!

 It touched my heart.
It made me feel SO proud that I get to work with so many amazing inspiring kids! 

The most touching moment of all, that brought me and the student aid to tears, was when my 3rd grade class in Parker ran their mile.

There is a sweet girl that is deaf and can only speak through sign language. 

She also has some physical disabilities and coordination challenges that make it difficult to run. 

However, she NEVER wants to NOT participate and whatever the kids are doing, she gives it her best shot and has so much determination to "do it'!
SO, the whole entire class finished their run and she still had 3/4 of a lap to go. 

All on their own, the entire class ran out to her and ran with her to the finish line.

I couldn't control my emotions I was touched. 
I'm just glad I remembered to pull out my phone and snap some priceless photos! 
Adorable... Priceless! 

How many times do we as adults run out to help people when they are struggling.
Do we sometimes think:
 "Oh someone else will do it." 
"I don't have time for that today."

Well, children are amazing and sweet and kind 
and they teach us, that when someone is having a hard time, 
you go out and be that friend and encouragement 
that they need to finish the race, 
or, accomplish the task that they are struggling with!  

As a mom with a son that is challenged with his running abilities, I've been greatly touched by all of the people that have yelled the following at the sidelines at Jade's Track and Cross Country meets:
 "You can do it Jade!"
"Jade, you're doing awesome"! 
"You Finished, Great Job"!

So grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life that have been so encouraging to my son!

So grateful that my every Tuesday and Wednesday I get to work with so many great kids, with big, kind and caring hearts!

SO grateful for an abundance of inspiring people both young and old that truly teach me what life is all about!

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Darling post. And to think that you almost decided to be an office secretary. You would have really missed those kids!