Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween!!

This is a spider web of a cat faced spider that graced our garage door!

I can't believe another October and Halloween are behind us! 
Time just has flown by faster than usual this year! 
 I wish we had another week or two 
to enjoy things just a little bit longer.
We did however, enjoy Pumpkin Cookies every single week! 
I think I made over 7 batches of them to take to various events and we enjoyed all of the extras! Out of all of the cookies I make, I am pretty sure my kids would say these are their favorite!

Today was my last afternoon to enjoy my favorite centerpiece...
My Halloween tree filled with wallet sized photos of all of our Halloween memories since Ethan was a baby!

Everyday this month has been a happy trip down memory lane. 
Oh how I love October!
As usual, there was no shortage
 of FUN and excitement dressing up for the day.

This is Tracy's day of the year to
 "humor" his wife and boys.  
Dressing up for the Halloween Concert, is enough for him. 
I'm just grateful that he dresses up for that!
(So in case you're wondering why only photos of Kimmie and boys are shown, that is why!)

Here are photos from Halloween 2013... 
Starring Sally, Jack Skellington and Nerd Zombie!
Getting all dressed in costumes to go to work and school!

I SPY... 
a "not-too-scary" Sally, 
ready to show her PE kids some FUN Halloween games!

 LOVE the way these photos turned out!
(our local cemetery has some great foliage to use as a backdrop)
I LOVE these guys!  

Nerd Zombie (aka Ethan)
(He totally got into his part 
and had fun with the photos...
Actually to be honest, he was "in character" from the moment he put on his costume/make-up early in the morning to the moment he took it off late at night!)

It's SO funny that he was a NERD Zombie, because he is my studious, book loving kid and just became part of the NERD club at school, where kids his age get together and discuss all kinds of cool things with space, science, animals and LOTS of history!

Jack Skellington...
(aka Jade)
There's a Nerd Zombie 
staring back at me in my rear view window!

As I type...
My little monsters are tucked in bed, 
our Halloween costumes and makeup are put neatly away 
and while it's sad to say good-bye 
to October and Halloween for another year,
 I'm looking forward to November 
and all of the joy that comes with the month of Gratitude!

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Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

You went all out!!! All of your makeup looks awesome.

I bet those PE kids had a blast with you!