Monday, October 28, 2013

Say YES to Living Life!!

A Wise Man said the following 
over this past weekend:   

October 27th, 2013
"I'm sure I annoy some of you to no end when I get mushy. I'm really sorry for that! I was just awake still... and pondering the following question. What is it about my sweetheart Kimberly that is so amazingly beautiful and sexy and desirable about her, to me (even after nearly a quarter of a century together)? As I really think about it, it has very little to do with her face and body although I find both to be very attractive. If I really dig into my brain and try to figure it out, something stands "head and shoulders" above everything else... even higher than her great sense of humor and her wonderfully complex intelligence. 
What is so very attractive to me, is the way she ALWAYS says 
She has such a contagious excitement about trying things and enjoying adventures of all kinds. She is most definitely a "Tigger" and not an "Eeyore" and she makes life in our home so FUN! 
Life is good! It's also short... 
if you find yourself saying "no" to everything, 
turn it around and start saying "yes" before it is too late!"

Life is overwhelming with SO much love and excitement right now, I don't even know where to begin!  
Tracy and I have been married for 23 and half a years and the love, passion and adventure just gets better and better... 
Every. Single. Day! 

My sweet husband had to go on a camp-out with his Scouts on Friday night and didn't get home until about 10:00 Saturday morning. We both noticed that the forecast starting on Monday had rain, cold and SNOW in it!  We still hadn't really taken our new (to us) purchase, out on a REAL ride that wasn't just driving around the country roads near us.

SO, we decided to SEIZE the moment 
even though we don't have COOL, modern full face helmets, or, armored riding gear,
we used what we had, got all suited up in multi-layers, threw on a bag on the back with water and misc. emergency items and decided to head for Swan Valley to see the last of the Fall colors!

We took a ride on our bike that we have gone on dozens and dozens of times in the car. 
It felt like we were driving a new stretch of road, because life on a motorcycle is MUCH different than a car.  When you're in a car, it's like you're watching a television screen as the scenery passes on by.
On a motorcycle you are PART of the whole experience...
you feel every temperature change,
smell every smell,
you're right up close and personal with every part of the drive,
as the road whizzes by just six inches below your feet.

The exhilarating feeling of riding on a motorcycle is addictive 
and you just want to keep riding and riding!
Jade snapped some photos as we were driving off...
He did a great job with them!   
 My handsome Tracy...
Gorgeous turn-out when we got to Swan Valley.

At this point of our ride we had to make a decision.
Do we head around Palisades Lake, or, head over Pine Creek Pass to Victor, Idaho?
We decided to take the Pine Creek Pass route.
SO glad we did.
The roads were curvy and SO much fun to lean into...
(we were leaning into the corners a little too much when Tracy notice the toe of his boot scrape the asphalt several times!)
There were still gorgeous trees with vibrant colors
the closer we go to Victor, we had a great view of the Teton Mountain Range.
We decided that since Jackson Hole, Wyoming was only another 23 miles, we would venture up Teton Pass and go and eat lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant.
SNOW at the top of the pass!  
We made it to Jackson! 
Famous Elk Antler Arch!  
 YES, we may have OLD helmets, but, I think they're pretty COOL myself! 
(someday in the not to far off future, we'll be sporting some new full face modern helmets, until then, these will do!)
I SPY...
the most HOT, and HANDSOME man 
that I know!

 I still can't believe this is me!
Losing 30 pounds has changed 

my whole appearance and confidence.
It is SO wonderful to feel pretty again! 

Tracy's comment about this photo:
"I love this place and I love this woman"!

(those words make my heart go pitter-patter)

Delicious lunch of Nachos at
 "The Merry Piglets Mexican Cafe"

Perfect Saturday...
No wind, blue skies, 59 degrees, gorgeous colors 
and best part of all...
 I got to enjoy every moment of it 
with this handsome, sweetheart of a guy! 
Sad to gear back up and head back towards home!  
GIANT leaf we found in the park, 
where we enjoyed a few moments of sunshine.

 Love those mountains...
Teton Mountain Range from the bend before 
Jackson Hole, Wyoming 
Our V-Strom in front of the FAMOUS 
"SPUD" Drive-in Theater
(in a car, we've never had the need to stop and take a photo, however, I'm excited to document all of the COOL places our V-Strom has been!)
 My favorite hubby and my favorite mountains!

 Teton Scenic Look-out...
What a gorgeous spot!
AND, we went out again on Sunday morning...
ran into Rexburg to grab some limes and some produce at the grocery store and then took the long way back home and enjoyed more colors along the country roads! 

It's going to be hard to go through the winter and have to look longingly at our motorbike and want to be out riding it!
With both of our adventurous spirits, 

we're definitely NOT going to let the cold weather stop us from enjoying a few winter rides. 
As long as there is DRY roads, 
we'll just bundle up and off we'll go!

I'm sure glad my life is abundant in both of these! 
However, I do have a confession to make:
******   ******   ******

" Mr. Smith,
YOU are my Greatest Adventure!" 

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