Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's my most favorite month of the year!

Oh how I love you!
I love the cool weather and that it's the start of wearing my knee socks and boots!
I LOVE the colorful leaves!
 I love Pumpkin EVERYTHING!
I love making FUN and spooky meals.
I love all of my Halloween decor.
I love all of my adorable SPIDERS that are scattered all around my house!
I love carving pumpkins!
I love watching Scary Movies!
I love all of the fun traditions that are abundant this time of the year!

Here are highlights
 from LAST years month of October 2012.
(since I didn't get it blogged about LAST year).

I LOVE my holiday tree 
with photos from past Halloweens! 
Colorful chips and Hot Bean Dip!
Coolest pumpkin EVER!
Awesome job Tracy and Ethan!  

Pumpkin Cookies
Finger Breadsticks
 Meal in a Squash
a few of the holiday treats we made up this month! 
My mother-in-law has such fun and unique holiday decor this time of the year!

Mr and Mrs. Smith celebrated 
birthdays on the 20th and 22nd! 
I LOVE that our birthdays are only two days apart 
and that we're just two years apart in age. 

Kimmie turned 42 and Tracy turned 44.
(Adorable cupcake compliments 
of my cute Beehive girl Ellie Taylor)

Happy Birthday Tracy dinner!
Heart-shaped Salmon Salad, 

fresh grape juice and pumpkin cookie!

Our costumes that we wore to the 
ANNUAL BYU-I Halloween Concert! 
(we've been attending this annual event for over 20 years)
(we invited Karissa to come along and enjoy the night with us)
LOVE my boys and love even more that they humor me in dressing up in costumes two times during the month of October!

Clever pumpkin carvings
 from Young Women Girls!  

Halloween morning breakfast!

PE teacher (aka Bat Girl)

This was the day after Halloween. 
I teach PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays... 
Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year and so I did my Halloween tag games with my Thursday class on November 1st. YES, we got SNOW!!!!

My awesome boys!
Jade did such an amazing job 
on his Zombie make-up!

We live right near a cemetery 
and so I took my boys there 
and we took some cool photos. 
Coming out of the casket

LOVE these guys!
Scary, Scary!!
This was the sight in my rear view mirror 
when we went to the annual Chili and Donut party 
at our friends the Francises!
Happy Fall 2013! 
Looking forward to all of the FUN and beauty 
of this years October!

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