Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FALL in Love!!

I've been feeling spoiled lately 
as Tracy and I have had more time together than usual 
I can honestly say, 
I could spend every moment of every day  
with my wonderful Tracy and never tire of him!

Tracy works in a place where not far from his office, he can be sitting on the banks of the river, watching it roll on by, watching anglers fish and enjoying the sweet birds that are abundant in this area.

He posted this on Facebook on October 10th, 2013.

He is SO amazing, 
so appreciative 
and truly enjoys all of the simple pleasures 
that really make life BIG!
(Which that in turn makes me the luckiest girl in the world!)

Today, my schedule worked out that I was in St. Anthony around lunch time
and I was lucky enough to get to go and sit with him on the banks of the river
 that he described above
while we ate leftover Chicken Pot Pie
(cold mind you, straight out of his lunch box),
delicious crisp, juicy apples hand-picked from our neighbors tree
and Snickerdoodle cookies

It was the most peaceful, picture perfect spot!

We enjoyed the most gorgeous fall colors, bright blue sky, sat and watched the river flow by, after which, we took the scenic drive back to work.
I never tire of time spent in nature, especially with sweetheart...
priceless moments!

Photos of our perfect afternoon!
We live in such a beautiful world, where every day there is something beautiful to behold, if only we take time to pause from our busy-ness to notice and enjoy it!

Thanks for a perfect Tuesday afternoon lunch date Mr. Smith! 
It's a precious memory and priceless treasure to me!

My life may not seem perfect to others, 
but it is PERFECT to me!
and YOU my love are perfect for me too!

I'm LUCKY that every day I get to
 FALL in LOVE with you, 
over and over again! 

1 comment:

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That does look like a perfect Fall picnic! Those are beautiful pictures.

You truly are blessed and Tracy is a lucky man as well.
Both of you appreciate so much the things of the beauty around you and the small things that turn into tender memories. Far too many spent their whole lives looking for something else, when all along the best thing was right beside them.

Hope you continue to have some fun Fall outings.