Saturday, October 26, 2013

So Lucky and SO much in Love!

24 years ago, the stars aligned and a cute girl from Honeyville Utah, and a stylish dressed, curly haired boy wearing trendy glasses from Rigby, Idaho ended up together in a religion class at Ricks College!
It sounds corny to say, but it really was LOVE at first sight!
As the semester continued on, we longed to see each other every class period, there was a connection... an attraction and eventually the stars aligned again when Kimberly needed a date for work Christmas Party and she got brave enough to ask this handsome guy to accompany her.
 It was history from there!  

I feel SO lucky that after 23 and half a years of marriage our love is so deep and strong!
The LOVE that was abundant on our birthdays that we just recently celebrated was tender and sweet and REAL!  I just feel SO very grateful and lucky that I get to experience such love and happiness and it is something that I NEVER, EVER take for granted!

Here are the sweet tender thoughts of both Tracy and I this year for our birthdays!
Truly priceless treasures to both of us!  

October 22, 2013
Wow… I rarely get teary-eyed but my sweet, Kimberly just gave me the most thoughtful (and surprising) gift I’ve ever received and my cheeks are wet. For the past year or so, Kimberly has been taking piano lessons in an effort to rebuild and hone a talent she hasn't used for decades. A couple years ago, after watching the movie, “The Notebook” together one evening, I suggested that I’d really love to hear her play “Prelude in E Minor (Op. 28 No. 4)”. Of course at that time, she hadn't played in years. Our piano had been sitting fallow. I had long-since forgotten I made the comment but she hadn't… 
It would be a challenge for her 
but she decided several months ago that she would learn it and play it for my birthday. According to my sons, she has been practicing every day for the past several months and keeping it a secret. Tonight after I blew out the candles on the homemade German Chocolate Cake (with homemade ice cream) and we all had stuffed our faces, she disappeared into the bedroom and returned wearing her prettiest black dress. She had carefully arranged 45 tea light candles on the piano and she proceeded to play the beautiful music with such feeling. I don’t mean to get all mushy but it really meant a lot.
 I don’t know how I got so lucky but I am the richest man alive. I truly am! 
WOW! Can I just say that I 100 times LOVE this post!!! I am so touched and feeling overwhelmed with love and joy right now and I as well have wet eyes! 
I love our simple life that is RICH in all of the things that truly bring joy and happiness, that is abundant in many daily thoughtful acts of love and kindness! 
Mr. Smith thanks for being the greatest example of what it means to be thoughtful! I'm SO glad I could do something for YOU that was as meaningful as all of the daily acts of love that you abundantly give to me! I had SO much fun working on my special "surprise", it was an honor to play this for you (it was better than performing in front of a whole concert hall of people), and I hope you love this song, because this song will be echoing through our house for probably the rest of our lives, I love it so much! I'm looking forward to learning how to play more of your favorite songs like Michael Nyman's "The Promise" and "Clair de Lune", and many, many more! 
Thanks for appreciating the little moments in life and here's to many more decades of birthday celebrations, adventures, love and GROWING OLD together!! I love my marriage to you... it truly is my greatest treasure and means more to me than anything, or anyone else in this entire world!

October 23, 2013
I had a beautiful day yesterday. I tried to fly my birthday "under the radar" by hiding it in facebook but it didn't really work. I'm not a huge fan of making a big fuss about birthdays. At any rate, I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many good people that I look up to and learn from and feel support and love from. Thanks to all of you who sent birthday love!!! And, at the top of my list, thanks to my sweet Kimberly who is my everything! I love how diverse she is... if any of you could have seen the wild spectacle she was at the Depeche Mode concert earlier this month, you would have smiled! At the concert, she was going absolutely NUTS (in a good way)... so much fun! I love her excitement and zest for life! Our trip to California and up the PCH was one of the funnest (if not THE funnest) trips we've ever taken! 
I could be with her 24/7 and never tire of her company! 
Last night after I got home from work, she wanted to go for a ride on the motorcycle. It was a beautiful, crisp, fall, evening and we enjoyed leaning into the corners down along the river bottoms south of our house (with helmets on of course!). Later in the evening, I enjoyed the most mouth-watering delicious meal of baked salmon and baked squash followed by her famously amazing German Chocolate Cake. Even later she played the most hauntingly beautiful rendition of Prelude in E Minor, dressed and looking as beautiful as the music she was playing! Such a range of talent and true beauty! 
She is a renaissance woman! 
I love that we get to enjoy and celebrate our birthdays together (since they are two days apart). We have enjoyed this privilege for nearly a quarter of a century! I look forward to many more! 
Life is good!  
My Dearest Tracy,
I feel so overwhelmed with love right now 
and you have brought me to tears yet again! (in a good way!) I still can't wipe the smile off my face as I think of our California trip and our concert. I'm glad you are okay with my over exuberant zest for life, because sometimes I know I drive you crazy! From the age of a young girl, I always dreamed of being married to a man who truly adored and loved me... the kind of a husband that would be so excited to see me after a long day of work and me him! Someone who would love and adore me despite my faults, someone who would make me smile and laugh every day of my life! I have that dream and SO much more with my wonderful marriage to you Tracy Smith! You spoil me every single day!! You leave me love notes, you are always doing some thoughtful thing, even if it's just pulling me aside as I'm cooking me dinner and giving me the biggest hug and passionate kiss (that sometimes leaves our boys saying "Get a room", LOL! ! 
You're the most amazing handy man that I know that can fix anything from car, bicycle and motorcycle repairs, to ANY home repair, to fixing lawn mowers, to designing and building shelves in your garage workshop, to making homemade wallets and belts out of leather, to helping sons with pinewood derby cars and scout projects and homework, and this list could go on for pages! You do all of the little things that make life SO big and I never take any of them for granted! 
Thanks for making me smile AND laugh, every single day!!! 
My marriage to you is my greatest possession and treasure and I hope to always be deserving of such a man! Thanks for the most PERFECT three-day birthday celebration that I have had thus far in my life!!

It's sad to think that we've hit the half way mark of life and that if we stay healthy and strong that we probably only have another 45-50 years. I want to make sure that we make each moment, of each day COUNT and that we are doing our best to soak the most out of life together!

Hugs and Kisses,
 I'll love you forever Mr. Smith!

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