Monday, February 16, 2009

Some of Life's Greatest Treasures.....

I love and appreciate all of the many friends that I have and it makes any day better when I get a phone call or email from a friend or when I see them when I am out and about. I cherish friendships!

I am also appreciative of new friendships that I have made, with the most recent one made just a few weeks ago
Tracy was trying to find photos of different food storage room ideas and came across a great photo on the following Blog:
Click here:

I made a comment on her Blog and then she commented on my Blog and we became friends. I just wanted to let Ann Marie know how much she has inspired me greatly in the area of “organization” as I am a neat and tidy person, without much rhyme or reason to how my closets and drawers are organized and I can’t believe how much I have learned from her.

I LOVE her great ideas and fun sense of humor and she has made me have gratitude in my heart for different things that I have taken for granted in my life. My last post on Valentines Day I had taken all of the photos and had my post written, but I ended mentioning being grateful for love letters from my Sweetie because of something that Ann Marie had mentioned on her Blog.
Thanks for helping me reflect on the wonderful things that I have going on in my life Ann….I appreciate it immensely!


What a wonderful blessing family is!

We went and spent part of President’s Day weekend with my parents in Utah. My dad just had shoulder surgery last weekend and we couldn’t make it down because of different obligations we had going on and so I wanted to go and spend time with him.

He is doing better than I expected and he really wants to get feeling better. It is making him go crazy to not be able to do anything and so we hope in the next few weeks he will be able to start doing more.

Tracy and my brother were able to help him do the chores of taking care of his cows and we helped shovel walks and just had a wonderful time visiting, eating my mom’s yummy meals and watching movies. I also gave my dad a fresh hair cut.
It was just a great time!!

My dad has had some different health problems that have developed over the past few years and so I am SO grateful to have him here with us
and treasure every moment I get to spend with him!!
My Wonderful Dad!

Family MEMORIES...
memories from the last few get-togethers we've had with my family!
My Wonderful Mom's
60th Birthday Celebration!

Wagon Ride singing Carols
at Christmas Time!

Adorable Cousins acting out the Nativity!!
nat 08
dec 08
nov 08


Tracy Smith said...

What a great post... I'm here at work and noticed this. You sure are a sweetie.

Ann Marie said...

You seriously almost had me in tears! You are so sweet!!
I am grateful for our friendship!
It's funny how you meet people and feel instantly connected...

Where in Utah is your dad? E-mail me and let me know.. If your around my neck of the woods, I'll take you to lunch..