Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keep on Dreaming!

Awhile ago I made a post about my gratitude for our son Jade (click here to read)
and ended with a link to the song
"The Impossible Dream".

On a related note, my husband and kids
love this Honda advertisement using that same music.
It makes us laugh and cry every time!
Great message... just keep on dreaming bigger!

It's funny to us how the guy starts out on a classic Honda "mini-bike"
because we have a mini-bike (1971 Honda CT-70)
and we have had many years of fun on it.
We look pretty funny ourselves as three people
pile on it and ride it around our neighborhood.
Here's some pics from 2004 & 2005 of my boys enjoying our 'mini-bike"!
I enjoy a walk down "memory lane"
on a weekly basis!
Ethan was always an excited kid
when we pulled out the motorbike to ride.

Ethan is really excited to "push the buttons"
and make it go!

Before we put in our yard we had
piles of dirt everywhere to climb!

Getting Ethan all ready for Jade to take him on a ride
(the year we got our yard in!)

WOO HOO---I can drive this!
You better hang on tight Ethan!!

The joy of kids enjoying "Simple pleasures"!
This makes me smile everytime!!


Ann Marie said...

Cute post!
Funny... My husband has an old small bike that he loves and we always still "pile" more people than we should on and drive it around the yard and block...
I will have to take pictures of it.. It's hilarious!

Looking at the pieces of your house that I could see.. Your yard looks very pretty.. Alot more landscaped than mine is! :)

Thanks for following me! You need a following button so I can keep up with your updates!

Cherie said...

Love the motorbike my boys would trade their sister for one!!

I know this is going to sound weird but I feel like I/we know your family. Your husband (his name) especially sounds familiar. You all look really familiar. We must have met somewhere at sometime. We are in Idaho too so anything is possible.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog and the beautiful sunset!!