Monday, February 9, 2009

100 Days of School!

is the 100 days of school celebration! Ethan had to make a poster and put 100 things on the poster. He counted out 100 beads and strung them onto string and then we made "100" on the poster with them. He did a great job!

Today also means that there are only 80 days of school left.
I am SO sad that time is flying by so quickly...
it seems like yesterday that they were starting the school year.
I sure wish that I could slow the hands of time down just a little bit, because my kids are growing too quickly.
All I can do is just treasure every moment
that I get to spend with them and "savor" the youth of my kids
because before I know it they will be grown up.
I Love my Kids!!

1 comment:

Ann Marie said...

I remember the 100 day last year!
What a cute idea with the beans..
I agree! Treasure these days..
Because some days it's really hard..