Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm in the mood for what....?

Valentines Day 2009!

It's funny how kids LOVE Traditions! Jade is in the Jr. High this year and they don't exchange Valentines there and so I thought I wouldn't have to make as many cookies. WRONG....Jade came home on Wednesday and told me his teachers were SO excited to try his moms "Pink Cookies". So, I was silently telling myself..."My son knows we have a Valentine Cookie Tradition and that thrills me", but I was really thinking, I am going to have to make up more cookies than I intended too....when I am going to find the time to do that?!?
I'm grateful for a son who is proud of his parents and enjoys having Traditions and things to look forward to. I'm also very lucky to have a hubby who takes the time to create "Family Fun" in our home and so grateful for appreciative kids!!

Well, everything came together and the cookies turned out great. PLUS, I finally got to take photos of MY pink cookies to put on my Blog.
(click here for recipe)

Here is a photo of Ethan and I after we got the first batch made.
Ethan is such a good helper!!

LOVE Valentines day and I really enjoy my "Holiday Jar" that I have in my living room. I bought it at WalMart and Tracy painted the lid for me to look like "tarnished copper".
This is a jar that is always full of treats for the holidays
and this month it has been FULL of
Red Hot Cinnamon Lips!!
At Easter I fill it with Easter M&M's,
during the summer
it is full of "Red and White" Salt Water Taffy
and during the Fall
time it is full of "Candy Corn Salt Water Taffy".
That way when company comes over we can offer them a little treat.
(HMMM....I wonder if that is why our neighbors kids love coming over so much...they always seem to raid the candy jar!) (wink)

My Holiday Jar!!

I feel SO blessed to have such a loving and kind husband, who feeds my soul in everyway. This Valentines day I am grateful for all the little "Love letters" that he has written to me over the past 18 years. They are my treasures!
I'm thankful for a husband who always compliments me (even on my worst days) and who always has a heart of gratitude and cherishes everything that me or the kids do for him.
I am grateful to have a husband who is on the same page as me in every aspect of life, who appreciates all the "little things"
and who fills my everyday with laughter, joy and sunshine!
He is the first person I want to see in the morning , the person that I want to hear from in the middle of the day
and the last person I want to see before I go to bed.
He is my everything and truly the Love of my Life!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tracy + Kimberly =
"True Love"
This is my favorite card Tracy has ever given me...he was on a business trip in Denver Colorado and brought me home this card (the LOVE POTION card) with a Love Letter written inside it. He always either makes or finds the most unique and clever cards....he can even take a post-it note and make it into a work of art.
He is a doodler and always does some kind of illustration or doodle along with kind, loving words
that make a simple piece of paper something that I want to keep forever!!

I cherish my life with Tracy!!
(and am grateful for the LIFETIME
"love affair" that I am having with him!)



Tracy Smith said...

Well... it looks like I'm falling down on the job. It was a hectic weekend with helping out your parents and I didn't plan ahead. Sorry no love letter this year on Valentine's Day!

Ann Marie said...

Oh how I want to be there to taste one of those cookies! MMMM.

Cute idea with the holiday jar..
I like it!

I loved your hubby's love notes book so much I told Chad I'm going to buy a book just so I can have one too.. Great idea.. And again.. You are spoiled!

Hope your having a Happy Week!