Monday, August 5, 2013

Mountain Beauty...

"Today I have grown taller 
from walking with the trees".
~Karle Wilson Baker 

Tracy and I enjoyed a wonderful Saturday in the mountains!
We were supposed to be hiking to the top of Green Mountain...
(Summit Green Mountain July 2012)

However, due to Tracy's sprained ankle, we didn't want to risk putting too much strain on his ankle and so we went on a less strenuous hike and instead of standing on top of a mountain peak, we walked among the trees.
We came across bushes and bushes of Huckleberries and picked and ate berries until our hearts content.
We enjoyed the shade of the forest trees, wildflowers, BUTTERFLIES and cool rocks.
We crossed an ice cold stream in our bare feet,
enjoyed a relaxing lunch break,
looked over the cliff at Moose Falls
and it was 12.5 miles of the perfect medicine
to feed my soul after a long week of business trip.

Even though we weren't standing on top of a mountain with an amazing view of mountain lakes, rugged cliffs and the Teton Mountain Range, it was beautiful nonetheless!

I learned this weekend, 
that you can experience just as much fun enjoying the "little things"
on a mountain as you can climbing and standing on top!
This weekend was a metaphor for life...

Here are photos from our adventure.
(It was supposed to be a Scout hike, however, because summer gets busy, only one scout showed up along, with the other leader and so it was lots of one on one time for Tracy and I to talk and enjoy some peace and solitude while both of our boys were spending time with grandparents).
Fresh picked Huckleberries...
 Shoes off, 
ready to cross the chilly stream...
Three different species of butterflies 
that were enjoying the rocks by the mountain stream.  
I could have sat and watched them flutter all afternoon long!
 Amazing how this mushroom 
was growing up through a log...
Me and the Love of my Life
on the cliff of Moose Falls...

 Such a beautiful day...

Wildflowers as tall as we were! 

 Rocks that were shaped like hearts...

And WOW, the night ended with one of 
the prettiest sunsets I've seen in awhile!

Nature soothes and feeds my soul greatly...

Just three more days until we're back 
enjoying more mountain beauty, 
only the next time we go, we'll have Jade and Ethan with us,
our day packs will be replaced with larger packs
loaded with our tent, sleeping gear and food
to spend 3 days up in the mountains, 
away from technology,
  enjoying family time,
climbing on top of mountains and
filling our cups yet again
with those things that bring so much joy to us!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

What a perfect day!
Good for you two. I bet that stream felt good on Tracy's foot too.

Connie said...

Beautiful day for 2 of my favorite people!