Sunday, August 25, 2013

A place where beauty overwhelms...

"Discovering this idyllic place,
we find ourselves filled with a yearning to linger here,
where time stands still and beauty overwhelms."
— Author Unknown

The thing that I love most about the high country, 
is that the higher you climb, the more beautiful things get. 
You wouldn't think it would be that way, but it is.  

The lower forests flowers die off by end of July, or, the first part of August, but, you don't have to be sad about that, because you just need to keep climbing higher and the flowers are there again.
The higher you climb
the more craggy rocks you see
and high mountain creeks and small lakes
and the VIEW of looking back where you started at,
becomes more amazing as well.

This is the first of four blog posts 
about our 2013 Backpacking Adventure.

These are my favorite photos showing the stunning and amazing beauty of nature that was so abundant on our adventure.
Flowers near the log where we sat and ate lunch.
I love that there is a bee AND a butterfly 
on the flower together!
A wonderful view of the Teton mountain range 
along the plateau after Devil's Stairs.
The Wildflower display...stunning along our path!
Amongst the rocky paths, were clumps of cheery yellow and lavender flowers. 
Flowers always make me happy!

Loved these cool trees and bark that we saw 
when we got into Alaska Basin.
That majestic mountain is Buck Mountain!

Room with a View!
(definitely one the top five prettiest views we've had on our backpacking adventures )

It was a little bit overcast when we awoke in the morning and headed towards Buck Mountain Pass...
The reflection of  Mount Meek and  Battleship Mountain in the water was just gorgeous!
The photos just don't do it justice!

Fields of wildflowers on our journey 
up toward Buck Mountain Pass.
The higher you climb, 
the more gorgeous everything becomes!
(at least according to Kimmie!)

The bright lime green mossy grass 
along with the hot pink flowers 
were beyond beautiful!

It almost doesn't look real, 

but I can attest that it really was!
I love this photo with my three favorite people

in such a beautiful spot! 
The sky was electric blue...
Buck Mountain was being lit up perfectly...
and there is our trail with little flowers growing along the sides of it.

This photo screams...
"The mountains are calling and I must go"!


The gorgeous reflection in the mountain lake
 right beneath our campsite!  

Happy flowers growing in the grass 
right where we set up our tent!  

Our last sunset we enjoyed in Alaska Basin...
The sky was bright blue...
The reflections were gorgeous...
We sat on some giant granite slabs and watched the sun go down!
"Heaven on Earth" 
is what this moment in time was!

We awoke to blue skies!!

As you can see from the four photos above...
it was hard to say good-bye!
Those rugged mountain reflections...
those gnarly trees...
the stunning beauty, 
was all there to enjoy all day long, for as long as wanted.

You sure don't have peace and solitude 
and views like that in your every day life!

One last stop at the little stream by our campsite to fill up water bottles to have enough water to hike out with!
(these little flowers, are my new favorite wildflower)

Fireweed, a giant rock
and that triangle jut-out at the top of the mountain
 is called "The Wedge".
This was the last view before we headed into the thick forest, down, down and down some more until we got to our car, 8 miles later.

So grateful for these moments in time,
 where we're able to leave behind society 
and enjoy fresh air, breath taking scenery, family time,
 and those much needed moments where we can "disconnect" from technology, 
with no interruptions at all, 
with nothing but our thoughts, conversations and adventures together...
Where if we just want to sit and chase butterflies for hours, we can do just that!

Grateful for photography...
where when I have a big LONGING and YEARNING
 to be back in the high country, 
I can at least "pause" life for a moment 
and visit the amazing beauty, by looking at photos 
and reading my thoughts and then I can say 
"all is right with the world again"!

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