Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Wise Man Once Said...

A funny thing happened to me that gave me cause to stop and pause for a moment and think.
Actually, it had me thinking all day long. 

A job opening for a secretarial position came open and I wondered for a brief moment if I should jump on it and apply, because jobs like that in a school district hardly ever come around, because people stay at those kinds of jobs until they retire.
I sat and wrote a list of the pros and cons 
of my current position and the new one and slept on it.  
I asked Tracy the next morning
 if he had saw my list and what he thought.

He then pulled up a note on his phone with the following quote:  
“One of the most terrible losses man endures in his lifetime is not even noticed by most people, much less mourned. Which is astonishing, because what we lose is in many ways one of the essential qualities that sets us apart from other creatures. 
I’m talking about the loss of the sense of wonder 
that is such an integral part of our world when we are children. 
However, as we grow older, that sense of wonder shrinks from cosmic to microscopic by the time we are adults. Kids say “Wow!" all the time. Opening their mouths fully, their eyes light up with genuine awe and glee. The word emanates not so much from a voice box as from an astonished soul that has once again been shown that the world is full of amazing unexpected things.

When was the last time you let fly a loud, truly heartfelt “WOW?"
 Not recently I bet. Because generally speaking wonder belongs to kids, with the rare exception of falling madly in love with another person, which invariably leads to a rebirth of wonder. 
As adults, we are not supposed to say or feel WOW, or wonder, or even true surprise because those things make us sound goofy, ingenuous, and childlike. How can you run the world if you are in constant awe of it?…

The human heart has a long memory though and remembers what it was like to live through days where it was constantly surprised and delighted by the world around it.”
Jonathan Carroll
He said, keep inspiring kids to have a sense of wonder 
and inspired to be physically active 
and keep doing something that you LOVE so much....

 AND also 
keep doing something that will give you plenty of time 
to keep making Zucchini Quiche for your family! 

(It will also give you future options for evolving your life/career 
into something that you would be more passionate about than being a secretary).

My husband is amazing, supportive and 
I love how much we're a TEAM in our marriage and in life!

As we talked throughout the day we kept saying: 
"I would rather need less..."
"Less is more..."

Sure more money would always be nice, 
but TIME is truly where our goals are all heading
 to for the long term as we're on the fast track to becoming debt free!!

More TIME to do those passions and things that we love most.
More TIME to enjoy each day to the fullest!
More TIME to spend with our kids, family and loved ones.

I'm so grateful to be married to such a Wise Man 
and for his depth and wisdom
 that he abundantly shares and fills our home with!
May we all try to be more child-like and have a rebirth of wonder and notice, appreciate and enjoy all of those wondrous, happy things that make up this adventure called LIFE!
Remember, you're never too old to say WOW!!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Good for you!

CB said...

I agree with Tauna - Good for you! I am a big believer in Life is too short and you need to do what makes you happy and allows you to be your best self!

Connie said...

Such a great post, Kimmie. Those kids would sure miss their PE teacher if you were to leave. They need someone who is positive, fun-loving, inspiring and who loves them. And your family needs your zucchini quiche! :)