Monday, March 8, 2010

"So, how did you do that?"

"SO, how did you do that?"
are the words I hear many times during the week as we are eating dinner...
loves to inquire how I made a certain recipe, or, how I figured out how to do something.
Since one of the main reasons I started my Blog was so that I could get all of my recipes in one spot so that I can have my recipes made into a cookbook to send with my kids when they go to college or get married, I decided it would be nice to show detailed photos and instructions of how things are made.

I am a PHOTO person!
I am more likely to try a recipe if there is a photo next to the recipe and I love when it shows steps as well. SO, I thought I would show the process of making bread from start to finish and just how EASY it really is!

I choose to make this recipe once or twice a week,
because getting home from work in between 1:30 and 2:00 doesn't leave me much time to do all of the things I need to get done in one day.

, since this recipe requires no kneading, and is quick to throw together, I can do many other things while it is rising and my family can enjoy YUMMY bread for dinner and for sandwiches for lunches.

(I save my Honey Whole Wheat recipe for making on the weekends, when I can have time to grind up flour and be in a mess for longer in my kitchen).

Other than
my "Pink Cookies" that I make, this recipe comes in second as far as being LOVED by others. It is usually always requested to be brought to family get-togethers and is always a HIT as well!

One of my hobbies,
is trying to figure out exactly how much it costs me to make a particular recipe. I try and put a label on things when we buy them with the date bought and the price paid.

I'm so excited
that I finally figured out exactly how much it costs me to make a batch of French Bread.

Here is a breakdown of the cost:
6 cups of flour--.42 (7 cents per cup of flour)
2 Tbsp. yeast-- .17
3 Tbsp. Sugar-- .21
2 tsp. salt-- .06
1 Tbsp. oil-- .12
Total-- 98 cents to make 2 loaves of French Bread

As easy as 1, 2, 3
and you can have bread ready to enjoy for dinner.

French Bread

Mix and set aside.
½ cup warm water
1 tsp sugar
2 Tbsp yeast

Mix the following together in a mixer:
1 Tbsp Olive oil
3 Tbsp. Sugar
2 tsp salt
2 cups HOT tap water

Add yeast mixture to above ingredients, mix well.
Add 2 cups unbleached white flour. (this will be lumpy).
3-4 more cups unbleached white flour until you have soft should be soft, not overly sticky, and not stiff (I add in 3 cups of flour and then add in more flour in 1/4 cup intervals until you have a nice soft dough)

Shape into a ball and place in a greased bowl and let rise for one hour. Punch down every 20 minutes.

Punch down
and then divide dough in half,
Roll into 2 large rectangles, roll into French loaves.

Put loaves on greased cookie sheet and let raise for 30 more minutes.
(I cook my French Bread on a baking stone)

Slash top of the loaf 3 or 4 times with a knife and brush with beaten egg white.
Bake at 350* until golden brown (about 30-35 minutes).

This bread is a treat
and is the perfect compliment to soups or any dinner, makes delicious sandwiches and the yummiest French Toast!

It also freezes well.

This is really a fail proof recipe
and if you need a recipe that turns out great every time and from start to finish takes just a little over 2 hours to make this is a perfect choice!


Garden of Egan said...

Awesome! Another fantastic Kimmie recipe.
You made this look easy. I've looked at other recipes and decided not to try because of the complicated instructions.
You're a doll.

Suzanne said...


My thighs are shouting with joy but my rear is not happy with you right now! You bake all of my forbiden fruit: cookies, french bread, all things yummy and delicious! You kill me smalls! I may have to try this one. Right after I am done running 10 miles because I know I will eat the entire loagh by myself! Have a lovely day Kimmie! :) -Suzanne

Small House said...

Did I read no kneading???? This is a "gotta give it a try recipe!" OH looks good. I'm thinking french toast with this bread!

Candace Taylor said...

This is the best bread on the planet!!! Thanks for the detailed instructions with pictures!!! Pictures help sooo much!! So what is the size of your baking stone? I love that it is rectangle. I have a round pizza one. I got invited to a pampered chef party Saturday and am wondering if I should get a rectangle one, but want to make sure it is big enough for two loaves.

Candace Taylor said...

I just got my baking stone. I am making this bread right now. I hope it turns out as yummy as yours :)