Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ways I save...

Powdered Milk

One of the reasons I started my Blog was to Journal things that my family does to make our meals and money stretch.
With this in mind, for the next month or so I am going to share different"Ways I save"...
little things that make a difference in our family life.

so in 1999 in preparation for "Y2K", we purchased a 50 pound bag of Morning Moos Powdered Milk.

My attitude of NOT wasting anything
meant that I didn't want all of that milk to go to waste.
So, I have always used powdered milk anytime I made up muffins, cornbread, or anything else in baking that called for milk.

A little over 2 years ago,
Tracy was talking with a co-worker and this person said that they mixed their Powdered milk and Regular milk 50/50.
I went kicking and screaming telling Tracy that
Cooking with powdered milk was as good as it got for me.

But, one weekend in 2008,

I realized that it was a week until payday and I wasn't going to have money to get milk until payday and so I took my
half full milk jug,
mixed up 2 quarts of powdered milk,
and funneled it into the milk jug
and low and behold we now had a FULL gallon of milk.
My family couldn't tell the difference and so I was hooked and that is how we make our milk stretch and use up our food storage powdered milk as well.

It makes it so I buy milk half as often as I used to...
and no more running to the store just to get milk, only to find yourself coming home with more groceries than just milk. It really has helped us save.

Obviously, WHOLE MILK
(Vitamin D milk...
milk with the red lids in the store
is the best
(it is hard to pull this off if you use 2%, 1% or skim milk)
and so with half powdered milk/half whole milk,
your family would be hard pressed to suspect the difference.
(After the milk is half gone,
I mix up 2 quarts of Morning Moos and put in the jug and then I make an "X" on the jug so I know that it is half and half and then once that is gone, we rinse out the jug and recycle it at our local recycling bins and then buy another gallon of milk..and then the cycle starts over again.)

Since we don't drink a lot of milk we enjoy Whole Milk, also known as Vitamin D milk although everyone has their own personal preference in this category.
Our milk is used for our morning steel cut oats, various baking and cooking, and to enjoy every once in awhile with homemade cookies,
but as far as
drinking a tall glass of milk everyday, or eating bowl after bowl of cold cereal, this is something we DO NOT do at our house.

SO, next time you notice your gallon of milk half gone...
Mix in 1 cup of Morning Moos powdered milk into
2 quarts of water, shake and mix well,
pour it into your milk jug and see if you family can tell a difference.

Great way to save on your groceries
and to make sure your food storage doesn't go to waste!


Ann Marie said...

We are twins in this area too!

We also do not drink regularly here. None of us like it.. and I have a husband that PREFERS whole milk with things.. so we buy that to cook with. I know it's more fattening.. but my Chad gets what he wants.. :) ha-ha..

I will admit.. I have lots of powdered milk stored.. but I store it as more of a " If I have to" resort. I may try your 1/2 and 1/2 to save.

Thanks for the tip. :)

Suzanne said...

Alas, this will not work for me because we are skim milk drinkers. Bummer!

However, I agree with the in a pinch and using it to cook with.
I enjoy whole milk, but feel guilty because it feels like drinking cream. Speaking of cream, my grandmother refuses to eat her cereal with anything but cream! How weird is that? She says that's how they use to do it when she was young. The woman is 82, let her eat her cereal with cream. Ha!

Hope you have a lovely day! -Suzanne

Garden of Egan said...

Can't tell the difference either. Have you ever tried the powdered milk from the dry pack cannery? Tons better than morning moo. I think it is much cheaper too.
Love your ideas.

Small House said...

That's a good idea to cook with powedered milk. My family would never go for drinking it though. We are milk LOVERS!!!! We go through at least 7 gallons a week! And 1% at that. BUT THE COOKING IDEA...WONDERFUL!! I'm opening my Morning Moo tonight!

As always...Thanks for the great idea!!!!

Suzanne said...


You totally made my day! Yes, I know I banished myself, but I wanted to get on and thank you for all the compliments! I believe in instant thank you's!!You and I think alike! Just to let you in on what is going on, I am teaching 3 workshops on Saturday for the Stake RS Enrichment activity. This is my lions den. Youth is my forte, women.......well, I guess we will find out. Love ya my friend! Have a glorious weekend! -Suzanne

Candace Taylor said...

Where did you get your pitcher that has the mixing thing on top? I have looked every where for one. I almost ordered one on Amazon the other day, but didn't because it seems like I aught to be able to pick one up in town. I have heard a lot of people that mix their milk 50/50. I want to try it, but feel like I need that pitcher first.