Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A perfectly normal day...

What a wonderful week and a half it has been...

hectic, VERY full of events ,
LOTS of fun---LOTS of family time!

was back to work after having
four days off.

I walked into work
to find this cute little package from my sweet friend Tauna sitting on my desk.
I was stunned at ALL of the work she put into this sweet little package. Hand made card and gifts the most adorable little "chocolate kit" ever!
BTW...she has the most beautiful handwriting and according to Tracy it is beyond beautiful! Tracy kept on commenting "WOW" at how much work she had put into everything she gave me.

Friendship is a wonderful thing

and I can't believe how blessed I am with so many sweet and wonderful friends who take such good care of me and are always doing so many thoughtful things!

I walked in the door at 1:28 pm
and got a batch of bread going, rolled out some honey cookies and sat and ate my apple slices and crab dip and crackers for lunch.
As I looked at the calendar I noticed that 2-17 and 2-18 had NOTHING written on them.
Today was a perfectly normal day
no errands to run, no meetings, church obligations, no snow to shovel, no holidays or obligations of any kind...

It has been SO long since I have had a perfectly normal day that I had to document this!
I was alone to my thoughts scurrying around and tidying up the house, ironing and folding clothes, etc...until 2:55
and then I had a sweet little ball of energy ETHAN enter in the front door.
I greeted him
with a big hug and kiss and he began excitedly telling me about his day and all of the cool facts he had learned about Octopus's for his report he is working on and he showed me his school work and his notes from his teacher.
I gave him a Clementine and Honey Cookie for a snack and he sat and did his homework at the bar in our kitchen and we talked while I peeled veggies for Vegetable Beef Soup and ironed clothes.
I was thinking how happy and excited Jade would be that we were having homemade soup for dinner as the past 2 days he has commented that he is sick of eating out and eating sandwiches and wants some yummy soup to eat.

(Artwork by Ethan)

entered the front door, excited to show me his note about Track practice and telling me "I love you"!
He then opened the fridge and pulled out the rest of the crab dip and was SO excited that there was some left and proceeded to eat the rest of it.
He enjoyed a Honey Cookie as well.

For a moment, I thought that the afternoon couldn't be anymore perfect...
And then the "teasing" began...where Jade knows just how to push Ethan's buttons and my perfect little afternoon
turned into "perfectly normal everyday life"!

Now, I need to run and get all spruced up
as Mr. Smith will be home shortly and I need to make sure I am
looking lovely to greet him
(Right now I'm in clothes to work and clean house in...I need to put on something a little nicer to greet the love of my life including fresh lip stick, spray of "Sweet Pea", fresh gum and my hair spruced up a bit).

Chaos and all

(and I wouldn't have it any other way).

Stay tuned
for highlights of our past week...coming soon!


Cherie said...

We all ooohed and awwwwed over that box when Tauna showed it on her blog - I am SO HAPPY you are the one who got it!! Yayyyyyyy

Cherie said...

BTW First - Cause it's cool and stuff! :D

Ann Marie said...

After reading Cherie's comment..
I must have missed Tauna's post! Oh no!

Nevertheless.. the box for you is well deserved.
Tauna does have VERY nice handwriting.. and her cards.. and everything she does is beautiful.

Crab dip sounds yummy.
Glad you can relax with Mr. Smith.

The Garden of Egan said...

You failed to mention that you had dropped off cookies to my house on my birthday!
So sweetness comes from you.
Dang that Cherie....she's always first.

Connie said...

It's good to know your boys are normal with the teasing! Isn't it wonderful to have a day that isn't filled with meetings and obligations? Love that you started the bread when you got home in the afternoon, you rock!
Tracy is one lucky guy!

Small House said...

Loved the post! I work with an office of men. So I thought how lucky you were to have such a good friend to work with. And how nice of her to treat you so well!! arrived home and jumped right in!! Look how much you got done. It must have been a treat to read your calendar and realize you had a quiet afternoon ahead.

Enjoy your day!