Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Project 365... week two!

Another great week of photos!  
Delicious food...
SNOW and RAIN...
New Goals...
Hardworking kids and hubby...
Working on projects...
Comfort food... 
A few of the members of my family have been feeling a little under the weather... Bowls of brothy, Chicken Soup make anyone feel better!
OH and yummy flat bread cooked up on our grill!
First piano lesson of the new year. 
Thanks to the great confidence in my ability, 
from my awesome piano teacher, 
I'm going to learn and perfect "Clare De Lune" this year! 
My 11 year old son is going to be in heaven when I accomplish this goal because this is his favorite song!

I just love Susan! She is so motivational! When she asked me today what my goals for piano were going to be, I said I would love to learn Clare De Lune, or, Malagueña, but, they had 6/4 and 9/8 timing (one had 5 flats the other 4 sharps) and that they would probably be way too hard for me. She responded with: "Tell me what would you be gaining to put off learning this song for one more year? You grow and become better and more accomplished by stretching and pushing yourself"! I chose Clare De lune! Susan is truly a blessing in my life! She makes me come away from piano each week feeling like YES I CAN do anything I set my mind to!
It was a dreary winter day today. 
The frozen water that was at the opening in the downspout of our rain gutter looked like cool art sculptures to me!
The snow came down and down and down!
 Recess is never cancelled when it's snowing, so I got to enjoy the big beautiful flakes on lunch recess duty!
LOTS of snow today...
I had to run some errands after work
 and I came home to two boys hard at work shoveling the driveway!
I seriously have the BEST life, hubby and kids!
Those amazing blue eyes!
My hubby hard at work trying to solve a problem!
Beautiful sunset as my husband, the Scout Master, headed off to go on a winter campout with his Scouts tonight!
Good Morning after a cold night of 
winter camping with dad and the Scouts!
...And today it rained! 
It should have been snow, but, it rained instead! 
Hopefully, we'll get another good snow storm soon. 
I love the snow!
Tracy and I enjoyed some time in the workshop...
Being married to a wife who's the Cub Master, during the month of Pinewood Derby means making awards and stands!

Chipping away the rest of the ice from our driveway after the rain and thaw that we experienced yesterday.

Only two weeks into the new year and I can't complain!
Life is SO good!

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Ricardo Garza said...

What a wonderful day for all of you! The snow is beautiful to play in and look at. I’m just a bit concerned about your gutter because of the amount of ice that formed on it. In art perception, it’s beautiful. But once it melts, it could be damaging. I hope it will not be the case.

Ricardo @ GemWindowCleaningNJ.com