Monday, January 6, 2014

Project 365... week one!

 I've decided to try another year of Project 365.
I did this challenge back in 2012, but took a break in 2013.

While it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, it's so rewarding to try and capture the day in a photo AND it's fun to look back and see a years worth of photos and memories and especially see how much your kids grow up in a year.

I've captured a few more photos than "one a day" 
(mainly, because some days were more exciting than others).

Here's to a GREAT year of photos and memories!
Freshly fallen snow...
a clean slate for a new year!
I SPY...
the face of a sweet hubby 
staring back at me through the hole in the snow pile!
(noticed this cool place to take a photo when we pulled up to Tracy's work)
 "Take your wife to work day"!
Our boys had to go back to school today
( fun for them!)
and so Tracy took me to work with him.
SO much fun... we had a ball!
Goals for 2014...
Simple is the best!
After taking care of some things at the office,
 Tracy and I went and splurged on lunch at Chiz's.
Delicious shrimp & the boiled egg on my Chef's salad 
was even a "double yolker"!
 I'm quite certain that's a sign this is going to be a prosperous year
We've had a warming trend the past few days.
Noticed this as I was stepping out of the car in our driveway...
love how the snow, ice and rocks looked together!
It's like a piece of art! 
 Weekend sunrise...
Weekend sunset...
The sunshine lit up our room beautifully Saturday afternoon.
Best part about this photo? The sweet guy in the background that's washing dishes while I dry them!! The sun is shining brightly in the window while we stand and talk and work! This is one of the many benefits from having a broken dishwasher.
Life is SO good!!
First Smith family snapshot of 2014!
The first time we dressed up and my men donned shirts and ties for the year!
I love these handsome men!

SO my friends, I encourage you all to get out there and capture your world through photos!
You won't regret all of the wonderful memories you'll preserve by taking a photo a day!

Life's too short not to capture each and every moment that you can!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Very beautiful family. I have enjoyed looking at your little snippets on facebook.

The winter has been beautiful so far hasn't it. You have captured it perfectly.

Say hi to those handsome young men. They are growing up so fast!

" Hit It......." said...

I agree with Tauna, you do have a very beautiful family. I like your to do list; I need to do the same. Thanks for writing this post.

btw - That sandwich looks delish. What kind is it?

Kimmie said...

Hi there!
It's so fun to have you visit my blog! It's been a long time. Thanks for the sweet remarks!
In regards to the sandwich you were inquiring about... We just made up grilled cheese sandwiches and then pulled apart the bread and added in sliced avocados, tomatoes and cooked bacon. I don't think we'll ever have regular grilled cheese sandwiches again. They were SO yummy!

Have a great weekend! I hope 2014 is a better year for me having more time to blog and also visit other friends blogs as well.