Monday, March 3, 2014

Doing what we love!

I love it SO much!

I love the snow!
I love the cold temperatures!
I love all of the cool ICE that forms from the melting and freezing!
I love cross-country skiing and LOVE that even when it is spring-like in the valley, we can head to the mountains and still enjoy a little more winter and a little more snow!

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
We got to enjoy two of my favorite things...
VOLUNTEERING and Cross-Country skiing!

Our favorite winter-time place, Harriman State Park,
is able to have warming huts for skiers to enjoy, however, the huts are managed by volunteers 
(which are sometimes hard to find on a Sunday, in this area that we live in)
 and so it always makes us feel good to be able to "give back" a little in the form of volunteer service! 
SO, we awoke early, packed a lunch, loaded our CR-V with our gear and headed to the mountains to volunteer and enjoy more skiing in freshly fallen snow!  

Here is our day in photos!  
I LOVE skiing along behind this handsome guy
 in my favorite winter spot! 
Almost there...
I love how we are literally up in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but the frozen river, snow, trees, a few cabins for guests and the ducks and swans! 
The Jones House...
"Jones House to Base... We've arrived at the Jones House".
"Base to Jones House... Copy that". 
"Jones House, clear". 
"Base, clear". 
I love having a capable man
 that takes care of us!!
Awesome fire by my Scout hubby!

This guy in the Pendleton shirt just makes 
my heart go pitter-patter!
Our view while inside the Jones House
 Ethan wanted to go out and do some
 skiing adventure on his own 
while we stayed at the Jones House...

Love this handsome boy Jade!
 All locked up and heading out...

Life is about enjoying each season you're in and not wishing and longing for the NEXT stage!
Life is making sure that you spend your time doing those things that matter most to you... 
those things that are your passions, those things you love!  Because life is too short to spend it doing anything other than just that! 

very grateful for all of the abundance of JOY and ADVENTURE we have experienced thus far in 2014 

as well as this beautiful winter season!

Life is just awesome!


Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

It looks like you had a beautifully wonderful day.
There isn't very many places on earth that are more beautiful than Harriman.

A few years ago we went there for the Mountains and Strings camp they had in the summer. It was beautiful to sit out in front of the cabins listening to world class musicians.

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