Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Multi-Grain Rolls!

I totally forgot about this yummy roll recipe,
until Jade reminded me about it last week and begged that I make it.
I found this recipe
when Jade was just a young boy in a 1998 "Martha Stewart Living" magazine.
I made it up years ago and we enjoyed them, only, I ran out of bulgur and haven't bought anymore.

(this shows how I modify things..with my hen scratch that only I can read)

When Jade
asked me last week to make these, I pulled out my recipe and decided to do some modifying to it.
I substituted Steel Cut Oats for the bulgur,
used 1 cup HOT tap water with 1/8 cup dry milk powder for the milk,
reduced the oil and salt,
deleted out
the pepper and oatmeal
and ended up with the most YUMMY creation that really are as good
or BETTER (in Tracy's words)
than anything you would get at a bakery.

I made some rolls AND bread with one batch and the bread made the best grilled cheese sandwiches that have ever been made in the Smith home.

I had to make another batch

to make sure the changes I made were correct and they turned out great again and so we decided it would be a yummy treat to give for Father's Day and we made up a third batch.

Three batches baked in one week and we're NOT sick of them.
It just goes to show you how good they are.

Tracy doesn't really enjoy rolls as a lot of times rolls are yeasty or doughy and so he was a little hesitant to try these as they were SO tall and fluffy.
He was wrong and LOVED them.
They were even great the next day in his lunch that he took. It was the last thing he ate in his lunch as he didn't want to have a doughy, yeasty roll to eat, but he was pleasantly surprised at just how good they were.

Sure to be a crowd pleaser every time for both old AND young and it uses food storage ingredients!

Multi-Grain Rolls/Bread
Bring 2-1/4 cups water
and 1/4 tsp salt to a boil
add in 2/3 cup steel cut oats and reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.
Let cool

Mix together in mixing bowl
1 cup HOT tap water
1/8 cup dry milk powder
1/3 cup honey
2 Tbsp. yeast
Stir well and let sit 6 minutes until bubbly

Then add to yeast mixture:
Cooled steel cut oats
2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp. olive oil
2 eggs slightly beaten
1-1/2 cups whole wheat flour

Then add in
3-1/2 to 4-1/2 cups unbleached flour until you have a nice soft (slightly sticky) dough and knead for 3 minutes.

Put in large bowl and coat well with oil.
Cover and let rise one hour

Punch down
Shape into rolls/loaves (cover with seeds if you like)
Cover and let rise 30 minutes.

Bake in 375 degree oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown
Remove... brush with butter and let cool 15 minutes before un-molding.

HINT....I made 12 rolls and 1 large loaf of bread with one batch. For the seeds, I sprinkled on poppy seeds and some sunflower seeds

These are SO good and not yeasty or doughy at all. I don't think I've made a better batch of rolls than this recipe.



Connie said...

They look divine! I know my family will love this recipe. Thanks for sharing all your delicious recipes. You're a heckuva lot better than Martha Stewart, in more ways than one!

Our Paper Plates said...

Yes - I was hoping you were going to post the recipe. Thank you!!! :)

Garden of Egan said...

They look wonderful. I am excited to try these out.
You are so totally amazing!
When I grow up I wanna be like you.

Cherie said...

OOOHhhh I really want to try these. I love all roll recipes. I think I could make a different one each week.
This one looks super tasty though!