Monday, May 31, 2010

Kimmie in Real Life (week 2)

What another great week we had,

although this was a different week than normal as it was the last day of school for the kids on May 27th and it is our tradition to go and have lunch at Craigo's and I was NOT going to break my promise to the kids and so we did enjoy lunch on the last day of school at Craigo's. Yummy!!

Also, we went on a little weekend getaway and I packed all of our food for all our meals, (except I bought a $1.25 Foccacia Bun for our sandwiches as I didn't have time to bake bread and I didn't have any bread in the freezer)
AND we did enjoy "In-n-Out" Burgers and Fries" one of the nights of our getaway.

Here are some of the
Food Highlights from our week.

Bountiful Baskets
provided us with a coconut and we had SO much fun getting the milk out, making a smoothie with it and then having MUCH patience scooping out the meat.

I even grated up coconut and toasted it and we enjoyed it on our weekend pancakes.
It was SO yummy and such a fun treat for the kids.

Twas' the last week of school...
What does that mean?
It means we make up a bunch of Caramel Apples for the kids to take to their teachers and other people that made a difference in their lives during the school year.

I just use my Caramel Recipe that I make at Christmas Time (all of the ingredients are food storage ingredients that I always have on hand). I use the Vanilla caramel version and then just put a Bamboo stick in the top of the apple, hold it over the caramel and spoon the caramel over the apple to completely cover it, then I sprinkle on chopped up Peanut M&M's and let them cool in a plastic container, wrap in Cellophane and tie with ribbon...
click here for the recipe

Dipping the apples
kind of makes a big BLOB of a mess with the caramel and the chopped up M&M's and so I just took the blob after it cooled, cut it into chunks and then we had little Caramel chunks to munch on during the week.

Another YUMMY smoothie
using fruit from our freezer/Bountiful Basket.

We went on a getaway over the Memorial Day weekend and so to keep from eating out, I took along all of the fixings to make little Lunch-ables for our lunches.
I made up
a big container of Tuna Fish/boiled egg salad, had a container of sliced tomatoes, a large container of sliced cucumbers, a large container of baby carrots and little containers of Ranch dip. We enjoyed these for both of our lunches. We just pulled out all the containers, made sandwiches, filled our little trays with veggies and Enjoyed!
The kids just LOVED these!
(we got a Brownie mix from one of our neighbors for Christmas and I made this up and then individually wrapped the brownies in plastic wrap for the kids to feel like we had gotten a treat at the store).

(May 23rd to May 29th)
Lunch/dinner---buttermilk pancakes/leftover potatoes and chicken from Tracy’s camp out

Steel Cut Oats
Scrambled egg sandwiches, (pancake sandwich for Ethan) carrot sticks, vanilla yogurt with fresh sliced strawberries, cinnamon roasted almonds
Vegetable Beef Soup/Garlic toast on homemade French Bread

Steel Cut Oats
Leftover vegetable beef soup, chocolate chunk cookies, carrot sticks, apple
(Ethan—scrambled egg sandwich, yogurt/ fresh strawberries, carrot sticks, cookie)
Enchiladas topped with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream

Steel Cut Oats
Leftover Enchiladas, apple, fresh peach, carrot sticks, caramel chunks
BLT sandwiches on Homemade Bread, Carrot Sticks

Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie and Buttermilk Biscuits
Took kids to lunch at Craigo’s for last day of school (all you can eat Pizza, Pasta and Salad bar). We were so stuffed we didn’t have anything else to eat the rest of the day)

Pancakes, eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit with toasted coconut
Leftover Soup/Garlic Toast on Homemade French Bread

Steel Cut Oats
Tuna Sandwiches, carrots sticks, sliced cucumbers, Brownies
(Ate dinner at In-n-Out Burger on our trip)

Carrot sticks
Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
Caramel chunks
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Fresh baked bread and toast

Week 2 was another Great Week!
I'm SO excited that we get to order Bountiful Baskets this week as we didn't have this available to us this time around. I'm going to try and NOT go to the store this week for produce. I think we should make it since we still have some things left from last will be close, but do-able. I will have to be more creative this week with snacks and fruit/veggies for my kiddos.
I'm learning SO much
and having FUN along the way!!

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Garden of Egan said...

That looks like it really puts you to the test but you do it beautifully.
I am really enjoying your posts about this.
Congrats to the kids and NO SCHOOL!

Now if it would only warm up so we can really enjoy it!

I am going to try and order a Bountiful Basket tonight. So far I haven't been too successful.
I might call you for BB ordering lessons.