Friday, May 14, 2010

My Real Life Love Story!

The song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift
seems to be popular with the youth right now. In fact, this past month Tracy and Jade went to a youth fireside and "Jon Schmidt" was one of the performers and played this on the piano and the kids in the audience went wild and were singing the song word for word.

Tracy came across this
"A More Real Love Story" video
that is a parody of the Taylor Swift song/video
that is PERFECT for all married couples
in Love with Children.

It starts out showing a young couple meeting and then falling in love and then how REAL LIFE sets in and you deal with the chaos of life and wonder if you're ever going to be able to go on a date again!!
To see this video with the catchy modern tune
(listen closely to the words)
that will make you dance, make you smile, make you laugh and make you want to get out there on a date with your sweetie...
Click Here
(Ethan was sitting with Tracy and I when we first watched/listened to this and he loved this song/video SO much he laughed and played it over and over and over...just like a typical kid.)

A few photos from my
Real Life Love story...
"Mr. and Mrs. Smith".

20 Years of wedded bliss!!
(Even though it started out in front of a "balloon backdrop" and my handsome prince charming forgot his white socks and was wearing black socks with his white shoes and tuxedo...We both still laugh at both of those moments!)
Marrying Mr. Smith
has been and always will be the HAPPIEST and most perfect day of my life!!

Through thick and thin, good and bad hair days, daily walks together around the block, perfect days, rain storms, snow storms, hikes in the mountains, raising sons, camping, playing in the water on the beach, enjoying nature, dealing with the stress of sick kids, DATE NIGHT, whatever it is we are doing, there is always lots of hand holding and plenty of laughter and joy and
I LOVE and cherish each and every moment of my
very REAL,
very HAPPY
Love Story!!
Looking forward to getting all "gussied up" to enjoy my Friday Night Date with the love of my life "Mr. Smith"!!

Happy Weekend,
Happy Date Night,
Happy Life!!


Garden of Egan said...

That is so cute!!!!
You look like a Fairy Princess on your wedding day!
Ahhhh, that was just yesterday wasn't it?

I am glad you get to have a date night. Have a blast.

Your collage of pictures is awesome.

I imagine you'll still be blogging about your hot love life when you are celebrating your 60th Anniversary!

Connie said...

You're such an example to me! Right now, I'm babysitting grandkids so my own kids can go on their date night while my sweet husband is home working in the yard! No date night for us! :(
Love your wedding pictures! They're beautiful and fun!

Loved the video! I haven't heard that song before. So true!!! I guess I'm the mom in the front seat for my kids!

Have a great weekend!

Cherie said...

I'm a little late to this post as I have not had much computer time lately but I wanted to be sure and wish you a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

20 YEARS is a definate milestone - I am so happy you have a wonderful love story!!!

P.S. Love your dress!!!

Ann Marie said...

What a fun post!
Happy Anniversary to both of you!!

Loved the pictures. ~ And love that you can laugh at those things that don't really matter..

I feel the exact same way reading your words about Tracy -- as I think about Chad. I am sooo lucky.

~ And I don't know what it is.. my age.. or what.. but I feel 18 again. Somedays I just want to run away with him and have him to myself for 72 hours with no interuptions.. but I guess it makes our alone time that much more special huh?

Sooo happy you found each other!

PS: I would LOVE to hear your story.. how you met sometime.

Oh and.. where is your remodel pictures? Looking forward to them!

ron said...

Your Blog is GREAT! Love to see all the family doings...we miss you guys!