Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunshine for the Soul...Sunday!

"Every sunset brings the promise
of a new dawn"!

(click on the photo)
Yosemite 2009

I LOVE sunsets and sunrises!
One of the highlights of my day is to be able to see and experience the beautiful colors of the horizon with my sweetheart Tracy!

We were sad when we took this photo because it was going to be our last night in Yosemite. We were driving through the forest and came upon this little clearing where we could see the sunset and it was absolutely gorgeous!

We stopped for a brief moment to enjoy it
before it quickly set and then darkness set in.

Yes, it's sad when each day comes to an end,
but it is such a great feeling to know
each sunset brings a 'new dawn'

and that we will be able to see and experience many more wonderful things tomorrow!

--Cherish Yesterday,
--live and enjoy Today
--and look forward with anticipation
to Tomorrow!


Ann Marie said...

This is how I felt leaving camping yesterday.. I always feel sad when I leave a nice vac-ay..

As always... good thoughts!

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures! You are quite the photographer! I love your thoughts. Uplifting and thought provoking.

Nice to take a vacation to a beautiful place!

Have a great day!